8 solid steps to restore and reinvigorate your routine after job loss

8 solid steps to restore and reinvigorate your routine after job loss

Written on November 9, 2010 by Julie Walraven


I woke up this morning at 4:10am thinking I would get an early start on my day. After collecting my coffee, Daytimer, and my colored pens, I turned on the computer in my office only to find I had NO Internet access. Panic set in!

We grow reliant on the things that we expect to be there. For me, that now includes wifi access in my home when I turn on the computer. Loss of connectivity means the inability to do the things I do daily. No way to check my e-mail or worse, no way to connect on Twitter or Facebook. Without wifi, I can’t write posts or Google anything.

We do become dependent on the things we count on and it is easy to want to throw in the towel, call it quits, and not look for other options. I was already thinking about how I could pack up the laptop and go find access elsewhere for the day. Starbucks is just down the street, hmmm, I could have more coffee and wifi —definitely a winning combination!

As a job seeker, waking up to find that the routine you are used to — getting ready and going to work everyday — isn’t there any more can also cause a panic. You are now a statistic — you experienced job loss. You need to figure out the steps to get a sense of normalcy back. Put a routine in place to find your next position. Without a plan, you will continue to get the panic feeling.

Let’s build a check list:

Start each day by getting ready for work just like you did before. If you stick to your old schedule, you will feel more organized. Get up, shower, get dressed. If you are female, do your hair and if you usually wear make-up, put it on. No staying in jammies all day long.

Eat your breakfast. Your mind needs fuel so give it some. I know there are some people who are opposed to having breakfast but it really does get you on the right track.

Get that resume written and ready to go. Make sure it contains all the Tell me WHY reasons to hire you.

Start organizing your network. Don’t disconnect from the people you talked to before. Go to lunch, have coffee, continue your enjoyable pastimes. If you cut yourself off from your whole world, opportunities to network will dissolve.

Research other options to connect. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn have grown astronomically in the last two years as ways to connect with people to gain information and access to people who do have the power to hire you.

Besides all of the job search activities, take some time to replenish yourself. If you like home improvement projects, prioritize them and starting working to complete the top of your list. If you like gardening, go out and work on the yard. If you like crafts, put some of your energy into working on them. If you like to read, spend some time reading up on your favorite subject. In other words, don’t just wallow in your frustration.

Get regular exercise. Everyone says that but it is proven that our mental attitude is improved when we exercise regularly.

In other words, replace the panic feeling of a job loss with a plan and you can move forward with confidence!


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