How YOU can succeed in your job search by NOT following the crowd!

How YOU can succeed in your job search by NOT following the crowd!

Written on November 26, 2010 by Julie Walraven

The economy has been challenging for more than three years and I feel for the retailers who really need to make those sales.  But I am still not drawn in by Black Friday type of sales. Mass crowds and craziness just don’t appeal to me. Some people thrive in those environments but I am definitely not one of them!

As a job seeker or individual who is seeking to make a career transition, you should not be one of those who follows the crowd if you want to be successful in the job search. Following the crowd will slow down your chances of connecting with the right people to move you forward in your search.

If you are following the crowd in your job or career search, you will:

Blast out resumes in volume because you think the more out there the better.  (NO!)

Keep all your cover letters the same because it is only a cover sheet anyway. (NO!)

Concentrate ONLY on looking for jobs via job boards because you think all the jobs are posted there. (NO!)

If you choose to differentiate yourself from the crowd, you will:

Clarify specifically what you are looking for in a new position so that you have specific companies and targets in your search before you send out an accomplishment-filled, value-rich resume.

Look for innovative ways to connect with the decision makers and hiring managers using your network and LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter to find connections.

Write strategic cover letters that explain how your experience and talents meet the needs of the company and can help the company succeed. Think deeply about your differences when you write any of the critical documents in a job search: resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, or thank you or follow-up letter.

A career search, transition, or job search needs as much strategy and planning as any other important event in your life, doing things with a herd-like mentality will not make you the chosen one in the hiring manager’s eyes.




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