Start the new year on the right note: Tips on how to prepare for an interview !!!

Start the new year on the right note: Tips on how to prepare for an interview !!!

The Pre-Interview stage

Preparing for an interview begins with good research. You sent out your resume, you received an interview call, but there’s still a long walk to getting the job. Showing up unprepared for a job interview is not a good idea because you can shortchange yourself despite having all the required skills for the posted job description.

Remember to recount your stories of success at work. Did you ever lead a special project? Or negotiate a tough sale? Were you able to resolve an issue between coworkers without awkwardness? Did you meet a deadline despite continuous challenges at the work place? Keep all the stories handy – they prove how well you’re able to meet and resolve challenges instead of succumbing to them.

Before you walk in, make sure you’ve tried to find everything you possibly could about the company’s goals and objectives, their mission, their successes and their presence in their field.

Tip: – Always bring extra copies of your resume with you.

Professional experience

When you’re being interviewed, the information on your resume has to corroborate with the information you’re providing the interviewer. Are your technical skills true or have they been embellished? Did you really work on 5 different projects at the same time? Can you answer the questions about the Accounting software that you’ve mentioned in your resume? In other words, you have to be in person who you say you are on paper.

Talking about yourself

Most interviewers will ask you to tell them a little about yourself. Some people may feel stuck at providing the right answer, or they may stumble their way through. Or, they may even begin rambling. Remember that if you’re asked this question, this is an opportunity for you to reinforce the idea of your skills and professionalism – not a gap to fill with a miniature biography of your own life. Leave the personal details at home.

Your personal appearance at the interview

While the company may have a “casual Friday” dress code, showing up in your jeans and a t-shirt to your interview is definitely not a good idea. Not only does it negate the corporate standard, casual dressing also reflects poorly on your preparedness and interest in the position that you’ve applied for.

Your attitude

The person, or people, interviewing you will try to determine whether you’re a good fit for the job or not, and sometimes, the conclusion has to do with more than professional experience and technical skills or certifications.

Do you exude positivity and a “can do” attitude? Or do you only see obstacles instead of opportunities?

According to the blog, How to Prepare for an Interview, hiring managers look for a person who: –
1. Has good communication skills, especially listening.
2. Is optimistic and believes that he/she can make a difference.
3. Conveys honesty and openness.
4. Is a logical intelligent person who doesn’t “shoot from the hip”.
5. Can make a commitment and take responsibility.
6. Appears healthy, attractive and tasteful in dress.
7. Has compassion for others and is not egocentric.
8. On the whole is an interesting enthusiastic person who people want to associate with.

A lot of the times the interviewer will conduct background checks to understand whether you’re a “team player” or not, which means that at your interview, you need to find as much as you can about the culture of the company.



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