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Today’s competitive business environment requires advanced job search tools that can offer job seekers endless opportunities to land a job in their field of interest. Of course, from the enormous number of online job search tools, some deserve special attention for being particularly effective in matching your career goals with companies seeking to hire competent candidates. For those of you who are seeking for accounting and finance jobs, the Best Accounting and Finance Job Boards features the best job boards in accounting and finance industry, but there are some, which are not featured in this website.

More specifically, the best job boards in accounting and finance industry are the following (in alphabetical order):

  1. World Finance Network – jobs is a relatively new job board that can help you enhance your network in several accounting and finance related industries. At WFN Jobs you can look for positions in the Accounting, Tax, Banking, Capital Markets, Financial Services, Insurance, Investment Banking, Investment Management, Real Estate, Venture Capital and Private Equity sectors by capitalizing on the tools provided by the job board. Build a professional network and take advantage of career training programs and publications related to your job search.

2. AccountingJobsToday is a comprehensive career resource board that focuses on accommodating job seekers in the accounting and finance industry across the U.S. The job board offers a career center, education, resources, job tools and resume tools along with salary reviews and the accounting schools nationwide.

3. Association for Financial Professionals

The Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) is one of the most prominent job boards that addresses the needs of mid-level to executive employees, so it is a great tool to help you enhance your career in the field. AFP can help you investigate professional organizations in the accounting and finance industry, but also to post your resume so that relevant recruiters and employers can find you.

4. CareerBuilder

Being one of the leading job search engines, CareerBuilder features a robust search function that allows you to use job search filters based on criteria such as location, industry and pay range. The website offers a user-friendly, intuitive interface where you can post up to five resumes and a cover letter. Make sure to create job alerts, get professional career advice and have a look into job resources.

5. EfinancialCareers

For financial professionals seeking to maximize their career potential, is an excellent job board featuring great industry insights. The website offers the possibility of job search per sector, including Accounting & Finance, Asset Management, Capital Markets, Commercial & Retail Banking, Debt/Fixed Income, Derivatives, Equities, FX & Money Markets, Investment banking/M&A, Real Estate, and Trading, among others. In addition, provides access to industry news and analysis as well as professional guidance in shaping your career path in the accounting and finance industry.

6. FinancialJobBank

If you’re looking for career advancement, is a premier job board that offers an update database of job opportunities in the finance industry. Develop a huge network of potential employers and exchange views with fellow job seekers. allows you to create an online career portfolio, where you can highlight all your skills and professional achievements for employers to see. Also, make sure to visit the Career Resources section as well as the Accounting & Finance Articles.

7. IHireAccounting

Whether you are a job seeker or an employer, IHireAccounting is one of the best job boards for the accounting industry. The website provides a classification of job search by title, state and city, connects you with hiring managers in the accounting industry and increases your chances to land a job in your field of interest.

8. Indeed is a great job search tool that allows you to browse for any type of job that is posted on major job search engines such as CareerBuilder. The job board does not allow you to post your resume, but it directs you to the job opportunities that match your job search. In fact, Indeed functions as an aggregator of job postings from across the Web and it consolidates listings from many job boards concerning various company career pages in one place.

9. LinkedIn

Being the leading professional network with more than 400 million members in over 200 countries and territories, LinkedIn offers the ability to use the Internet for job searching, but also to network with like-minded professionals. Make sure to create a professional profile and exchange ideas about business issues with people from your network. LinkedIn offers you the ability to follow the companies of your interest and increase your chances to land the job of your dreams in the accounting and finance industry. Additionally, you can look if the recruiter or the hiring manager has graduated from the same university like you. This is an open door.

10. Monster

Offering job seekers a wide variety of career tools, Monster are a popular job board, where you can search for positions in the finance sector. The website allows you to post your resume and you are entitled to get career advice and tips on career development.

In conclusion, using the right job boards for your industry can significantly reduce the time it takes to land a job in your field of interest. But to enhance your career path and build a professional network that could offer you the job of your dreams requires you to exploit all the services provided by the best job boards in the accounting and finance industry.




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