10 Common Reasons People Totally Blow the Job Interview

Although unemployment is on the rise, many small and large organizations are out to get the best talent available. Particularly, in the finance field, the hiring managers are demanding and expect you to be able to present a strong résumé, but also a suitability for the position. More than your résumé is your manners, communication skills, and charisma that will land you the job.

These are the 10 most common reasons candidates blow the job interview:

Being unprepared
It is common sense that you should go to a job interview prepared. There are unanticipated questions, but if you do your homework and practice in advance, chances are you won’t blow it. One of the most common questions is “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Perhaps it sounds like a cliché thing to ask, yet your answer can strongly influence the opinion of a person about you. It’s not that much about actually being where you plan to be in five years, but more about indicating your aspiration to develop yourself and move on. Explain briefly your goals for professional growth and highlight your willingness for career advancement.

Arriving late
Arriving late at an interview makes a very bad impression. Make sure to arrive at the company at least 15 minutes earlier. This will allow you to focus and familiarize yourself with the environment. It will also eliminate your nervousness as you will have some time to settle down and relax before entering the hiring manager’s office. Being punctual suggests respect to the person you are meeting with, so if cannot be on time, make sure to inform in advance.

Didn’t Google about the company enough
Nowadays, Google is anyone’s best friend. Especially, if you are getting ready for a finance interview, you should Google all the people who are going to interview you. See their résumés, read their achievements, understand their role in the company. Whatever they do is your job to know it beforehand, because this will help you answer questions in a way that references you are keeping an eye on the company. In addition, by having researched the company on Google, you know why you could be a good match for them.

Being Nervous, talking a lot, interrupting
It is quite normal to be nervous during a job interview, especially in a highly competitive industry like finance. However, making a poor impression is a no-no situation. Sometimes, people come across as super confident or super competent as a result of their nervousness and this can make them forgetful about the key points. Also, job-seekers sometimes feel that they must aggressively “sell themselves”, thereby forgetting that good listening skills are critical for an interview. Make sure to keep yourself together and focus on the answers you are about to give. Don’t forget that there is no second first impression.

Badmouthing previous employers
Criticizing past employers and blaming everybody else except from yourself for any missteps in your professional career is immature. You may enter this road of badmouthing and criticizing past companies and supervisors out of nervousness, but at the end of the day, you will blow your interview. Be positive, accept responsibility for your mistakes and move on to the next endeavor.

Showing Lack of Confidence
Hiring managers adore confident candidates, people who know where they stand and are ready to take their career a step further. Showing lack of confidence during a job interview, especially for a finance position that requires self-assured people with the skills and knowledge to anticipate unforeseen circumstances on a global level, it can be really disastrous.

Being Overqualified
Even if it sounds extravagant, being overqualified may turn out to be a handicap in the hiring process. Managers usually want you to feel challenged and eager to learn new stuff and advance your career. If you are already someone who has a lot of experience and has been doing a great deal of advanced and highly demanding work, chances are you won’t be hired. Demonstrate in your résumé so many qualifications as required to get the job.

Failing to describe your achievements
Although it looks like contradicting the previous paragraph, it is also a huge handicap not to describe your achievement. The hiring manager has your résumé and expects you to provide further details in what you have achieved, how, when, under what circumstances and so on. The least effective résumés are filled with job descriptions that fail to describe any accomplishments. Avoid to do so during a job interview.

Being Distracted
Sometimes, during the interview, you may be distracted. Make sure to speak loud and clear. Hiring managers do not like people whom they can barely hear. Remove any distractions from the office and focus on the interviewer’s questions. This is the way to come across as energetic and positive.

Not asking questions
An interview is not only about being asked, but also about asking questions. Asking the hiring manager “what’s the best part about working here?” indicates your genuine interest in the company and that you didn’t just happen to send out your résumé to them; you want to work for them.

You may possess the proper knowledge and experience and be the perfect match for a company, but your presence is the one to land you the job. Avoid being provocative in your manners and appearance and go to the job interview full of confidence and knowledge about yourself. Remember: a successful personal job interview can compensate for a weak or unclear résumé.



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