5 Sample Elevator speeches in accounting and finance 

One of the most important things you should do as a businessperson, particularly in the finance field, is to promote yourself and your business to others quickly and effectively. An elevator speech is a brief and accurate description of your business, which lasts 30 – the amount of time you would have should you find yourself sharing an elevator with a potential customer or a key decision maker.

Finance is a huge field and it is impossible to include every single detail of your business in 30 seconds. Thereby, you should be able to sum up the most important information related to your job and the services you provide in a way that excites the other person. Be sincere, natural and conversational. Do not ramble. Do not sound cocky. Be friendly and enthusiastic. Focus on the most intriguing aspect of your business and quickly elaborate on it. Do not oversell, but don’t say less. Keep an eye contact.

The following are sample elevator speeches for the accounting and finance field.

Finance Sample Elevator Speech 1

“Hi, I am (NAME), a finance executive with 15+ years of experience in risk management. As a CFO of a global retailer company, I manage risk on a large scale to ensure that our regions are financed reliably and planned strategically. I’m investigating for organizations around the globe that can capitalize on an experienced controller’s perspective for effective internal control, cost-efficiency policies and improved operational efficiency.”

Finance Sample Elevator Speech 2

“Hi, I’m (NAME). I’m a financial advisor based in Chicago and I help my customers by putting them in touch with money. I am a money manager who helps people reduce their taxes and increase their savings and investment returns. I have also found value in setting up open communication and transparency in operations in order to build strong, mutually-beneficial, long-term relationships. How can I help you?”

Finance Sample Elevator Speech 3

“My name is (NAME) and I work as a Consultant with (COMPANY NAME) for other large corporations like yours. We have an excellent track record in meeting growth objectives with all of our clients. We have been in business for more than 20 years and have created a custom-made set of tools that ensures we provide exceptional results and detailed analytics.”

Finance Sample Elevator Speech 4

“If you are looking for the best accounting firm in the city, I am here to help you. (COMPANY NAME) has a solid track record of balancing books accurately and in due time. We are faster than our peers with innovative ideas. In fact, I have hired the best to save our customers thousands of dollars. I am (NAME).”

Finance Sample Elevator Speech 5

“Hi, I’m (NAME), and I work for (COMPANY). I have a decade’s worth of experience in accounting, working primarily with small and midsize firms. Our company has exceptional references, and, note that, in six years, we have not lost a single client. If your company is ever in need of an extra set of hands, I’d be happy to consult.”

Although many finance executives do not really pay attention to the importance of an elevator speech, you should remember that it is an important tool to introduce yourself and talk about your business in a quick and memorable way. Do you have your message down? Can you briefly say what you do, who you do it for, and how people can benefit from it? Before you craft elevator speech, draft an outline that will help you deliver your commercial message in the best possible way.



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