What not to say in an interview?

In an interview, your primary goal is to convince your hiring manager that you are the best candidate. This means to keep it professional all the way and communicate that you possess the right set of skills to drive good results in the required position. However, there are some killing questions that can really make a bad impression and raise a red flag to your interviewer.

This is what you should not say in a job interview:

  1. The point is not to get late in an interview. But if you do, don’t make it worse by saying “Sorry, I’m late.” It is expected that you are punctual and it is normal to be sorry that you aren’t. Think about it like this: what if you are hired and you arrive 20 minutes late every day? Your manager would hate this. And so does the hiring manager.
  1. One of the most common questions in job interviews is “Where do you see yourself in five years?”. Try to provide an answer that represents your aspirations and job experience. Never say “Mind your own business” because besides being an impolite answer, it is your hiring manager’s business to know how you think about career advancement.
  1. Never go to a job interview unprepared. Do your research to find out about the position or the company and show you are excited about the prospect of being hired. Never say “so, you are you doing around here?” It shows you haven’t done your homework and you walked into the interview totally unprepared.
  1. Sometimes, prospect employers are asking questions about something they have seen on your resume. They do that only to get extra information on a previous job. Never say “it’s on my resume.” It probably is, otherwise, the hiring manager wouldn’t know to ask you about it. However, you are asked for providing something more than the written word and for being evaluated on your communication and social skills. Use it as an opportunity to shine.
  1. Most recruiters are looking for people with distinctive abilities who can be passionate about their role and their prospect in the organization. Do not say to your hiring manager “I can do whatever!” in order to get the job. This will raise a red flag because it will show that you haven’t performed any targeted search before entering the interview room.
  1. Never badmouth your previous employer. There are all sorts of expressions to avoid, so make sure to avoid all of them. No matter if you are right, no matter if your previous boss is the worst employer on earth, keep it to yourself. This is not only unprofessional, but it also indicates your character. If you badmouth your previous employer, you can very well do the same with the prospect one.
  1. Never swear in a job interview. It can happen, especially if the hiring manager is using profanity, but don’t fall into this trap. You set the standard of the interview so avoid expressions like “bloody hell!” or even “holy cow!”. Stay professional at all times.
  2. It is normal to ask information about the company’s sick policy, but not during the interview. Never ask “What’s your annual leave and sickness policy?” It looks like you are planning to be absent all the time before even getting hired.
  1. Turn off your phone as soon as you walk in the interview. In case, you forget your phone on and it rings, do not answer it. Excuse yourself instead of saying “I’m afraid I have to take this call”. It is not OK to answer your phone or send text messages during a job interview.
  1. “I don’t have any questions for you” is a no-no case. It is impossible not to have any questions at all unless you went unprepared to the interview. Make sure to ask an appropriate question such as “What do you enjoy the most about working here?” instead of saying you have no questions at all.



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