These actions will get your promoted

Getting a promotion requires a positive attitude, especially in a competitive working environment. It takes a lot more like putting in hard work and delivering high quality, but it all starts with meeting your immediate tasks and then moving on to more specialized achievements. Nevertheless, to get a promotion you will be evaluated both on your work and your attitude, so make sure to meet all the criteria.

  1. Have a plan

To get promoted you need to have a reference point and a plan. Where are you and where do you want to be? You need to have a clear goal on your next position. Do you want to get promoted within the department or the company or to a different branch? How do you plan to pursue this promotion? Develop a plan and work it out with your manager. Are there any weak areas that you need to polish? Expect the best, but be prepared for the worst.

  1. Believe you can do it

Believing you can get promoted is only half way. You must put all your skills and knowledge and deliver high-quality job so that your direct manager decides to suggest a promotion for you. Everything is a matter of passion, of how convincing you can be that you want to get promoted. So, take all the necessary action and do the job the best way you can. This is what can make or break your dream.

  1. Do your best today

Perhaps your current job requires completing a range of diverse Finance projects and tasks. Do your best now and carry on with your work to the highest level. Focus on what you’re doing today and don’t think too much about the future projects. In fact, you will be evaluated on what you have accomplished, not on what you would have accomplished in the future. So, do your best today.

  1. Be consistent

Consistency can take you to the top. Consistent employees add value to a company as they are both resourceful and reliable and can complete any task without fail. Managers love to work with consistent people because they can depend on them to get the work done, even for the most complicated tasks. If you want to be considered for a promotion, especially in the competitive Finance sector, make sure to be consistent in the work you deliver.

  1. Go for the extra mile

Managers like resourceful employees who can provide solutions to problems. Volunteer for any Finance task you feel you can accomplish and take the initiative to improve a process. When faced with a challenge, take the ethical path and apply your expertise to help your teammates. Become your team’s competitive advantage with your willingness to help and be involved. Don’t sit around waiting for the work to come to you. Go for it.

  1. Acquire new skills

Getting promoted may require you to acquire new skills. Go to school, earn a Bachelor’s degree, if you don’t have already one or a Master’s in the field of your interest, Finance in this case. Qualify for getting higher to the corporate ladder by possessing skills and professional certifications that can offer you a higher position and salary. You can also learn a second or third language that will help you survive in the competitive environment of globalization.

  1. Don’t be a drama queen

In an office environment, you will be required to get along and work with all sorts of different personalities and some of them may be irritating and less than ideal. Do not whine. Keep your opinion to yourself and do your job as if this person is not around. Don’t let your manager realize that you don’t like the person sitting next to you. You are there to do your job, not to be sociable. Save the drama for your closest ones.

  1. See an opportunity everywhere

Never throw away a challenging task. Especially in Finance, which is highly competitive, a challenge may be your opportunity to shine. If you want to get promoted, do the hard work and put all the necessary effort in order to deliver results. Turn the problems into opportunities, see them as the means to achieve your goal of getting promoted. By all means, be positive.

  1. Prepare your successor

It may sound like a paradox but preparing your successor is the best thing you can do for your company. Take an employee that you believe he/she can do the job and train them so that they can be ready to fill in the position once you leave. Develop their skills and make sure that the company doesn’t fall apart after you’re gone. This is professionalism.

Take pride in your work. Believe in yourself. Set higher goals. Shoot for the best. Be enthusiastic. The corporate ladder is tough, but if you shoot for an exciting job that pays your bills, you will find the way to achieve. Above all, be patient. Promotions don’t come overnight. You need to prove you deserve it.




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