Find your career passion in the Accounting and Finance industry

The unemployment of recent college graduates is high today, set at 7.2%, as a result of a widespread labor market weakness, which seemingly cannot absorb all skilled workers. In this challenging environment, entering the competitive finance sector requires both skills and passion so that you can thrive in your career. Passion is an intrinsic element that you have it or you don’t, but, if you have it, it can take you to the next level, driving your professional career forward.

Follow Your Heart

Finance and accounting are both broad and demanding fields and many job seekers have difficulty in determining what type of career they want to follow. What is the difference between a financial analyst and an investment analyst? What is the difference between a corporate accountant and a managerial accountant? Once you familiarize yourself with the different job descriptions and the skills required for each position, you should ask yourself: is this something I want to do for the next five years? Passion will give you the answer.

Make Sure You Have The Skills

Once you discover what is your career passion in the accounting or the finance sector, you should make sure you possess all the skills required. For instance, some accounting positions require a certified public accountant (CPA) certification or a master’s degree, even if you don’t have a long working experience. This means that, before you apply for a certain position, you should make sure you fit in the requirements. Turn every opportunity into knowledge by attending finance seminars, participating in career advancement conferences and so on, to improve your chances to get the job of your dreams. Have in mind that most organizations that hire recent college graduates are looking for strong analytical and modeling skills.

Be the Motivation For Others

If you don’t like your job and the daily-on-the-job responsibilities, you will become a miserable employee and person. Understand what the job entails, find what you like and let the passion do the job for you. By all means, doing a job you love (not just like) allows you to discover a refreshing perspective in the workplace. You may even act as a motivator for your fellow workers, who will feel more energized watching you following your passion at work. And of course, this can only be good for you and for the organization.

What Are The Accounting Subjects You Mostly Like?

When you talk to people or you are in a bookstore, what are the types of accounting and finance books you mostly enjoy? Reading about options trading? About investments? About corporate finance? What websites do you mostly visit? All these details can provide you with a thorough idea about what you like and what career would be most suitable for you. Also, some of these subjects may even relate to some classes you took at the college and you really enjoyed. Write down a list of your favorite subjects and match them with the suitable job positions.

What Are Your Lifelong Interests?

Think back five to 10 years to see what are your most favorite finance-related activities. Were you always the one to keep a budget when going out with friends? Did you have a money box to save money every week? Record your list of finance-related interests and match them to contemporary job search. For instance, if you hate taxes, you cannot shoot for a tax accountant position. The trick is to like what you’re doing.

Are You An Expert?

Are there accounting and/or finance areas in which you are perceived as an expert? For instance, are you are familiar with financial statement analysis and you love analyzing these metrics? Then, you should probably look for an accountant, a financial analyst, a financial controller or even an auditor’s position. Are you an expert in investments? Shoot for an investment analyst or a financial advisor position. No matter what you choose, make sure to be mostly knowledgeable about because this shows you really love it.

Landing a job that you have a passion for is the best way to obtain fulfillment from your career. Especially in the competitive field of accounting and finance, the highest-paying are normally the most demanding ones. Thereby, you should love what you are doing and be great at it and the only way to get a job that will serve as a fulfillment of your personal life is to find your career passion.



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