Job search tips for the unemployed



In a competitive job market environment, developing unique job hunting skills can get you hired. The key to successful job search is to employ tactics that can rank you above your fellow job seekers and get you closer to your goal of getting a job. In other words, implementing an effective job search strategy can get you hired.

These are effective job search tips for the unemployed:

  1. Increase your job search activity

If you are sending five to ten resumes daily, start sending 10 to 20. This will open the road for contacting more hiring managers, recruiters and prospective employers on a daily basis, thus increasing your chances of getting hired. Contact more people and get your resume going round. Especially, in a competitive field like finance, increasing your job search activity can bring positive results really quickly.

  1. Stay up to date in the field

Finance is a field that requires you to accumulate new knowledge. You can take some courses that support your career goals and polish your skill set or join seminars that provide you with particular expertise on an issue. Sign up for a course, seminars, new projects at work, anything that can keep you updated in the field and can help you establish credibility during a job interview.

  1. Set goals

Knowing where you want to be with your career is very important when seeking out job opportunities. Set a clear career goal and develop a daily plan in your job search that will help you being focused on it. What most people lack when performing a job search is motivation because they think that no one is interested in their resume. To avoid this trap, you can create a performance plan and be on track.

  1. Use your network

Networking is the driving force behind effective job hunting. Take advantage of any opportunity to network and let people know that you are actively looking for a job. Talk to your family, friends and the friends of their friends and briefly explain to them what kind of job you’re looking for, providing details about your working experience. Get acquainted with hiring managers, recruiters and future employers in the companies you are interested in working. Networking allows you to highlight all your strengths, skills, and competencies and demonstrate your expertise before an interview takes place. Join professional organizations and business networking sites, like LinkedIn and sign up for job search newsletters or participate in job search forums.

  1. Deliver your resume personally

In a tough job market, it is very important to develop personal contact with a prospective employer. Even if you don’t know someone at a specific company, find the name of the hiring manager and deliver your resume personally. If you send your resume to the HR department, most likely they will forward it to the hiring manager as a hand-delivered submission from the department. In contrast, if you deliver your resume personally, you help the hiring manager to associate the resume with the candidate before a potential interview takes place. Having a face-to-face contact beforehand increases your chances to land an interview and make a better first impression.

  1. Get recommendations

Make sure to get recommendations from colleagues, former managers, clients, anyone who can add a positive note on your resume. This will help recruiters and hiring managers to get an idea about your work history and about the idea other people have of you. Include these recommendations on your LinkedIn profile and list the link on your resume.

  1. Follow-up

Following up after an interview will make you look like a thoughtful employee who is seriously after the position. Send an email or a thank you letter as soon as possible after the interview and state how well the job fits your skills and background. In case you have forgotten to mention something during the interview, you can include that in the message, as well.

Overall, effective job hunting requires focus and determination. Treating your job search like a business can bring extraordinary results in your job hunting. Market yourself 24/7 and create an effective marketing strategy. The product is your job search and you are the one to pull it through effectively while considering today’s tough economy and strong competition in the finance field.




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