How To Achieve Work-Life Balance

A few decades ago, people clearly knew their time in the company so they could easily set the border between private life and career. Today is different. Many people can’t harmonize their work with the rest of their life: socializing with friends and family, health, or other interests outside of work.

Research shows that last 20 years is much more difficult to find a balance. For example, in the US people work an average of 8 hours per week (1 additional business day), and they delay vacations because of the fear for their jobs. New working conditions require a different organization of time, the acceptance of new modes of behavior and rejection of inherited patterns that are unsustainable in the new conditions.
The needs of the organizations that will attract and engage their employees in a highly competitive environment are a strong motivating factor for increasing the performance of the company. However, it is also a big risk for those who agree with these conditions. Striking a balance between work and life in general in the modern world is one of the most important aspects of human resource management, which paid more attention in recent years in companies and in the media.

Requirements that a company offers, financial and those related to the free days, number of obligations and the consequences of failure tasks are very important. Companies and employers are increasingly starting to take care to the needs of their employees. Strategies that are used are related to flexible working hours, childcare during the work and many others, of course, depending on the capabilities of the company.
Private and state companies still differ in many ways. State companies are still working on the old principle – you have a certain amount of time when you come and go from work. But those who work in private companies know what it means to work after the end of working hours.

Balancing between work and private life is not easy at all. If you concentrate on your career and spend more time at work, you will miss many wonderful moments with your partner, children and friends. You will lose your social and cultural life. In the second case, if you are preoccupied with problems at home, you can hardly concentrate on the job. This leads to the loss of priority in life, reduced efficiency at work and devolution.
You might think that a balance can be found only in old age, after retirement, or when your children grow enough. But life is unpredictable, and if we don’t make place for the important things right now, we may never get another chance.
It is important to know how to achieve harmony and reduce stress in your life. These are some advices that can help you in making balance of your work and personal life:

1. Defining priorities
It is essential to know how important this is because you have to support your own values that will help you to define priorities.
If it is important that our children have a good education we will spend more time achieving this goal than, for example, making homemade cakes or cleaning the house.

2. Leave job at work and personal problems at home
Today’s advanced technology enable contact between two or more people, no matter where they are. There are no boundaries between career and private life, unless you do not set yourself. When you are with your family and friends, turn off the official mobile phone and laptop, and when you’re at work, concentrate on it.

3. Learn to say “no”
You should know that every job you can give away or cancel it. Don’t be afraid to say “no” to a colleague who asks you to finish some extra task. When you remove the tasks for which you are not responsible, you will have more time for all the others who are important to you.

4. Time for yourself
If you don’t have time for yourself and your needs it will lead to dissatisfaction. It is important to learn that you can’t get all of that in accordance with the priorities and sometimes you have to say no to yourself as much as some additional commitments looked attractive. Every day do the kind of activity you enjoy (listening to music, yoga, massage, manicure, coffee with friends …). This will help you to be more relaxed and it will surely be easier to concentrate on duties. Take one day a week to take a rest and use it just to enjoy with friends, your partner, your family.

5. Find balance in the family
– You need to learn to ask for help if you need it, to include all family members in family responsibilities and divide them among themselves. Division of labor is very important.
– It is necessary to talk openly with family members and ask for the organization of time. It will be helpful for everyone. If you don’t ask you’ll never know what you can get!
– Divide the household chores and jobs of the entire week, instead of all put in one day. Keep a record of all tasks and important dates in the diary. You know your deadlines for completion of tasks at work so you can organize yourself to spend more time with important persons in your life.
– The time that the whole family spends together in activities is very important also the relationship with your partner through time together without the children.
– When we are optimistic we are willing to accept new tasks, communicate better and easier to come up with a solution. We feel better and we are more successful working under the stress.

6. Sleep
Lack of sleep increases stress, diminishes your productivity and you can easily make a mistake. If you need sleep, you need more time to complete tasks, which means a longer stay on the job. To quickly finish obligations and not to stay longer at work, you should be well rested.




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