Employee Assessments – What does it mean?

Employee performance assessment is a systematic description of the strengths and weaknesses of an individual or group and their features that are associated with the job that they do. The benefits of performance assessment are manifold. It is used to determine potential and current performance of employees, also their need for training and learning, as motivational tool but also as a basis for making business decision.

Say clearly what you expect

Each manager will say that a lot of their times they are thinking about how much their employees are successful in their work and how to increase their individual effects in order to achieve a common goal. Managers thus perform an informal evaluation of employees and try to correct assessment of each employee’s performance from his team. Again, on the other hand, we have information that more than 2/3 of the employees said he/she doesn’t know fully what exactly is expected from them and what they need to improve their work. Also they want a better communication with their managers, constructive and open discussion about personal performances. It’s probably the right moment that managers and employees look at the same way. This view of communion may be positive in the formal performance appraisals of employees at the organizational level.

What assessment system needs to fulfill?

Some companies have designed systems evaluation at the organizational level. This is in contrast to the informal assessment. It’s called formal performance evaluation and goal of the company that introduced this process is that in this way regularly and systematically conduct performance evaluation of all employees in the organization. The process of performance evaluation is the process of organized and continuous monitoring results, behavior of individuals and assessment in order to achieve organizational goals. It is based on certain criteria, methods and systems evaluation. Every company should develop his own system of performance assessment, depending on the activities, objectives and specifics. Making system should be entrusted to professionals, specialists in human resources, internal, external or mixed team. Elected and appointed assessment system must have some common characteristics: to be clear and simple; to evaluate people by the relevant criteria; to ensure that managers at least once a year on formal interviews with employees analyze the results of the evaluation. A good evaluation system should also include a component of professional development and training of employees.

‘Wind in the back’ for the company

Well placed and the ‘revived’ system performance assessment is good for the company and for the employees and managers mechanism because it helps them to have better communication and to put the individuals closer to the company.

Benefits for the company:
– Continuously clarifying, defining and redefining the priorities and objectives both corporate and individual
– Increasing work motivation of employees by focusing on desirable developments and providing timely feedback about that
– Trainings are something that company needs so they choose the employees who have desire to learn new things. It is easier to establish personal abilities and orientations of individuals and precisely identify which hidden abilities of individuals company can use
– It is carried out efficiently delegating tasks
– It is better clarify the role of the team and build team spirit.

Benefits for employees:
– A good understanding of the business (eliminate the unclear objectives, confirming the priorities and criteria by which to assess the quality of their work)
– Creates the possibility for a better communication through regular discussion about work and work performance
– Provides the agreement on development needs, necessary training and education is defined, and in this way it is eliminated blurring in the company’s future
– Receives the feedback on the achieved performance, eliminating the lack of timely feedback about how the individual is working and what is expected of him.
Benefits for managers:
– Effectively connect individuals into teams
– Objectively connecting a system of rewards and performance appraisal and objective evaluation of the performance appraisal
– Encouraging career development of employees.

What can be assessed?

There are different opinions and perceptions about who successful employee is and what makes a success. In order to talk about performance first you must specify that aspect of the mind. The subject of assessment must be pre-defined and depends on what the organization wants to get and what information it considers relevant.
In the company it’s possible to determine as a subject of assessment:
Personal characteristics of employees (special qualities, skills and knowledge that individuals possess)
Characteristics of behavior of employees (attitude towards work, managers, colleagues and clients, the situations in which an individual demonstrates a goodwill, teamwork and helping their colleagues and subordinates); ability and interest in professional work, can anyone work independently or with a constant need for help and instructing; knowledge of the business, reliability (whether the necessary supervision, are often absent from work and so on), liability (time limits, overcome obstacles). Rating behavior as a choice of subject assessment is appropriate in circumstances where is important for the company how the job is done.
The results of the work achieved by the employees: the quantity produced, value of sales; quality of work – the degree in which an individual is looking for perfection in his/her work, striving to do the job perfect; how much time is needed to complete the transaction and whether it is completed on time; cost efficiency (maximizing the return on resources).
Routing behavior of employees in the company is done in an indirect way by selecting items and evaluation criteria. It’s not the same if, for example, the main evaluation criteria is presence at work and discipline of working hours or number of units that are produced or something completely else. It is important to bear in mind that each selected item and the evaluation criteria should be related to the predetermined aim (rewarding, delegating tasks, training, development, etc.).

How does the evaluation process go?

1. First it is necessary to establish standards that define elected effects
2. Then it is necessary to determine the procedure for assessing the effect – the procedure involves the following issues: WHEN to assess, HOW OFTEN, WHO estimates, the criteria of evaluation and defining tool for assessment
3. Assessors should collect data about employee performance
4. Assess the impact of employee
5. Discuss about the assessment of employees – feedback
6. Make a final conclusion and complete the evaluation.

What techniques to use for the assessment?

It depends on the choice of each concrete company. Graphic scale for assessment and essay evaluation, as well as a checklist are commonly used. MBO (management by objectives) is also often used, but in the practice more for managers, professionals and technical staff and less to administrative and production staff. There are various other techniques, but they are less used in practice. Management by objectives is a method that requires a manager – appraiser to set measurable targets specific to each employee and then, from time to time to consider with these employees their progress in achieving these goals.

Graphic scale for assessment work by setting some essential features (explained in a few sentences what it means), then the assessor assesses these features as unsatisfactory, satisfactory, good, very good, excellent.

Essay methods – the appraiser describes the strong and weak aspects of employee behavior, and then they discuss on the final assessment with the employees.

Checklist – The fulfillment of the objectives or the possession of certain characteristics are checked by the appraiser.

In accordance with the needs of all of these methods can be used together or it is possible to use a combination of two or more techniques, all depending on the situation, and company policies.

A good evaluation system is stimulus

Performance assessment system is a complex and important process in any organization and should be defined by HR professionals in cooperation with the immediate superiors and with the support of top management. Once when we identify and implement the process we need continuity and improvement. It sometimes happens that despite the best intentions employees have feeling that the whole process is as a ‘foreign body’. The reason for this is often a discrepancy in the theory and practice. The problem is most common; managers are pressed with business goals, projects and other daily activities so they give priority to the work function at the expense of having to worry about performance and development of employees who are subordinate to them. The entire process then can get a different sound. We can say that in the end a good one assessment system is that one that can eventually fit in and get alive, so in the organization it is not experienced as imposed and stressful, but acts as a stimulus to the development of all employees.



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