Building good relationships with Co-Workers

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People you work with are the ones that you are spending the most time in your life. They share your experience and a lot of moments and that is why it’s very important to get along with them. Your relationship with your colleagues may affect you and your business more than you think. On the one hand, employees are willing to have a lot to submit at work, if they are the part of a good team and they agree with associates. So often you hear someone says “job and salary are not the best for me, but the team I am working with, we have great relations and make great atmosphere.”

On the other hand, if you do not agree with your associates and suffer bad atmosphere, then your job will unwittingly become extremely difficult, even though it might not be and you usually love to do it. You will start to be late at work, to lose motivation, to become withdrawn and apathetic. Disagreement with colleagues often may be the reason that employees start looking for another job and change their working city, although usually no need for that. Also, if you are spending a lot of great time with colleagues, they can unconsciously delay a better and more demanding job, which would allow them to advance in their careers.

People often don’t attach such importance to interpersonal relationships within the company. However, if the work is not carried out properly, if you exceed deadlines and poor quality is realized, the reason should be sought precisely in this segment, in human factor. If cooperation between employees is better and more dynamic, then the job will be faster, easier and more efficient to perform, but everybody will feel the satisfaction from customers, and managers, to employees themselves.

Be a team player
In some part of your life you have probably been in a similar situation, even if you only play basketball or volleyball with friends. You and your co-workers are players in a team similar to the team that plays a basketball game. You need to design your strategy, adding your teammates the ball, constantly thinking about where they are, what their capabilities are and how to best take advantage of your position to achieve the goal together. Imagine that your office is basketball court, and your colleagues are teammates in the game. It is very important to know your colleagues and to establish good communication. If you know the quality and the specific skills of each colleague, and how to use it well in the joint conduct of business, then your team work will be very successful. In modern business, team work is very much appreciated. Employers ask their employees to be able to realize tasks in successful cooperation with their colleagues. Teams of employees who work on a project are formed very often, and this is increasingly becoming the mold of modern business.

To acquire the characteristics of a team player and master the skills of team cooperation, it is enough to enroll in any group or team. This can be a sports team, group or association that deals with some cultural or artistic activities or something similar. It doesn’t matter what you are doing; it is important that you are in communication with as more coworkers as you can and to jointly reach goals.

Do not hesitate to share your ideas and suggestions with colleagues. If you participate more, you will create more positive and dynamic atmosphere in which you will gradually emerge more ideas. Communication among the participants will be much better, and you will increasingly feel better working together with colleagues. Of course, sometimes it is necessary for you to stand out and independently resolve a work task. Initiative, the ability to independently solve the problem also leadership skills are well suited for certain types of work, and sometimes it is also necessary to use that to become the leader of the team. However, teamwork is what is essential for the job and the company’s functioning. One man cannot do everything alone, nor be as creative as a group of well-organized and interconnected people can. In the team you will learn to help your associates, but also to seek and get help when you require. When you successfully start to make a function in a team, you’ll feel right pleasure and benefits of such mode, every job will look easier and more interesting.

What contributes to one team to become more successful?

Developed sense of belonging to a unity
The feeling of belonging to a team increases when its members have a sense to work and contribute to something that is more important than their individual work. Therefore, it is important that employees who make team are familiar with the company, its history, the character of the market and the products or services it receives, as well as to understand the importance and role of the team for the progress of the company.

Faith in the expertise of all employees who make team
The members estimate value of every person in the team on the basis of expertise, knowledge and the reputation. If the colleagues in the team are honorable, each member will have a stronger sense of honor and the pleasure that belongs to the team. It is therefore necessary that every member, after entering into the team, is presented in the best way and his/her achievements are highlighted.

Good communication among members
How successfully solve different assignments will depend of how to communicate with members of the team. If there is a communication problem, we should help them repair it and point them to different forms of communication (a better communicate visually, some auditory, someone using gestures and so on).

Understanding the roles in team
It is important that each member understands what exactly his/her role in the team is, so he/she could invest a maximum of effort to accomplish its task and meet the expectations of the associates. It will be useful that each member of the team get a clear explanation from supervisor of what constitutes his/her contribution and how useful he/she could be for the functioning of whole team.

Team building
It is desirable that team members spend some free time together, socializing and having fun. This can be realized as a shorter travel that can be organized, and the members of the team that will go together (hiking, camping, rural tourism).

Introduction to common goals
Each team member must have a clear vision of what are the goals of the team and what they are fighting for. It will be better to present their future results in more details because they will be easier focused on their tasks.

A sense of responsibility for the results you made as a team
If employers feel responsibility for what they do, they will make a greater effort to succeed. It is necessary that team members have the feeling that for their job is not responsible company or anyone else in the team, but they alone. No matter how common goals and teamwork are hard to achieve, every team member must feel and individual responsibility for the part of the work that carries out.




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