The importance of networking

Networking is something that is very important today in everybody’s life. Internet era brought a lot of hours sitting in front of the computer and the opportunities that each of us can access. A few decades ago we had no idea that we will do different sorts of things with just one click and thus replace the things that waste our time not just during the day, but also on a monthly basis. The negative side of the spread of networking is obvious, but it has also many positive things that can help us in different ways.

Communication via global network creates a new dimension of the human right connected with freedom of speech, because the traditional barriers are lost (spatial and temporal). New information technologies allow each individual to access to the computer network. What the internet world makes different and unforeseeable is precisely this rebellious freedom and the possibility of a different. What else would attract hundreds of millions of users to sign up and create profiles on different links? In other words, people voted primarily for a new idea and the opportunity, without exception of the psychological, sociological or cultural aspects.

Networking has changed the way we talk, we wish happy birthday and we choose partners or politicians that we will vote for. Their attraction is easy to explain. In the world where we live fast, communication is reduced to instant messaging, and direct human contact has been replaced by messages on the screen. This, however, is not always a bad thing because any communication is better than if it doesn’t exist at all.
Social networks on the internet today are the facilities that are very popular among the children, especially among young people. In addition to being a sort of trend, which contributes to their popularity, it also brings new opportunities in communication, as well as making new contacts, also the use and sharing of various contents, which makes them attractive.

Internet is certainly a revolution (in many aspects), and social networks have made new revolution in the context of the Internet. When we talk about social networks, the first association is related with Facebook , the most popular and the biggest virtual community of this type in the world. The popularity of Facebook and its influence on society is big. Because of that numerous investigations and studies and constitute serious sociological analysis were made (and will be carried out). Social networks, primarily the popular “Facebook”, represent a new model of behavior and influence on the Internet, but also in society, and the impact on young people is the largest.
One study that was done last year in the UK, found that the biggest vice today includes coffee, chocolate and Facebook. Of course, Facebook is much more “complex” than the previous two vices.

Today, social networks, and the use of the Internet and mobile phones is a standard and “something without which you cannot,” especially among young people. How serious thinking about the Internet is the fact that the Finnish Government made a decision according to which the Internet has become guarantee in Finland, which means that every citizen of this country, in due course, need to have a universal, legally protected access to the Internet, because it is considered that it is essential for normal life.
Social networks provide a variety of features, but for many people it is just good fun. It is indisputable that we have a lot of benefits from this network. Many people there found old friends that they haven’t seen for a long time, met new friends, and even future marital companions. These days we are witnessing a celebration reunion, many of which are organized right across the social network. The fact is that these platforms have many applications, groups and pages through which users can inform and find out some interesting and important things. Also, they can develop their own business on these platforms

According to that, networking is more important because you can find or create your own job. Many people hear that it is possible to make money over the Internet. Mainly they hear the stories of successful people, the stories of people whose success by acting unattainable to someone who is just starting to be interested in earnings over the Internet, or the stories of those who have tried and failed when they concluded that the earnings over the Internet is impossible to achieve.

Indeed, at first sight, everything seems perfect. Work from home on your computer over the Internet seems easy, and because on the internet you certainly spend a lot of time, you are probably wondering why you don’t earn something. Unfortunately, a lot of beginners try out the ways in which in 99% of cases will not be successful. For example earnings over done polls, earnings from some micro jobs, earnings or profits upload by clicking advertisements. Also many people who have decided to try in earnings over the Internet believe that it is possible to earn without working and advancement. As in the “real” world, this is indeed rarely if you want to achieve.

On the other hand, many people are afraid that they don’t have and can’t acquire enough knowledge to work on the Internet. What is generally important is the fact that it is not necessary to be the smartest, nor among the 1000 or 10 000 of the smartest and the best people in a particular area to earn. However, if you have a website or blog, you belong to the “top” of Internet users.

So to make money over the Internet is not (or shouldn’t be) science fiction, anyone can in a relatively short period begin to earn solid money. I think that a prerequisite for starting is fluent knowledge of English or other foreign language, although it is also possible to succeed in the domestic market.

The time limit to reach the first earnings is from three to six months if you already have some knowledge and good command of English, and if you don’t it is a two, three times longer than otherwise. Of course, the prerequisite is that you are really focused on this as your new job (I count at least half-time) and start mastering new skills and looking for jobs and clients.

You can educate in many places on the Internet. There are sites where you can gain different knowledge, local forums or blogs with a lot of useful articles, and there are many free courses on the Internet, where you can learn a foreign language. Some of them are Udemy, Memrise, Coursera, Codecademy…

In summary, making money over the Internet is not too difficult, but it is necessary to invest a lot of work to get necessary knowledge and then the results; like in any other business, but the most important is to be brave and make the most difficult step – to start.




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