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Successful companies, aware of the power of the media, do everything to attract the attention, that can help them in winning in the labor market, but also to retain existing customers. Competition doesn’t have the first and the second half. It lasts, and the winners come and go. Few of them have the privilege to be constantly at the top. Having a good product or brand, and investment in marketing are not the only things that ensures victory.

Today, almost there’s no company that doesn’t have a separate sector for public relations, or PR department. The power of media is unlimited, but the time of journalists is valuable. High-quality presentations, press material or press conferences are one of the most important segments that professionals in public relations concern for. By creating press releases you can communicate with the media by offering the written news about the brand, hoping they will post. It is especially important to make it interesting for the media, to have good content and information. The task of the paper is to draw the attention of editors and journalists. And of course, the customers.

If you want to make interested the new, potential employer, it is necessary to present yourself as a brand. To leave the impression that you’re just the person they need to hire.
Personal branding is not only important to get a new job. The real professionals deal with it throughout their career. Developing a personal brand is very important for your professional development.

If you have the authenticity and identity, you have a greater chance to differentiate from the competition. Such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz recognizable brands in the automotive industry and represent status symbols, you can create your image of yourself as a brand; you become competitive in their business sector. Be the person that companies will fight for. Employers certainly want to attract the best candidates for the job and to choose and retain the best, because people and their knowledge are the biggest value of each company.

Young people who are entering the labor market have the time to invest in themselves and to gain relevant work experience. It is necessary to stand out in a sea of other candidates also that those who read received CVs recognize potential they need.
Also, it is not enough just to have a good product, but the way you promote and present it. If we make a comparison – you are aware of your abilities and qualities and have the potential to move forward, but if you don’t adequately present all of your quality to the employers everything will fall into the water.

Your first contact with the employer did your CV. To get a chance to impress employers in dialogue and to take advantage with your charm and eloquence, it is necessary first to make him interested in your biography. Companies create brand image through press releases, paid advertisements, while you introduce yourself through a CV.
A good CV should draw the attention of the reader, to present your qualities, contains specific and relevant information. There is no universal CV; you have to customize it to each individual competition. There are a growing numbers of organized seminars and training where you can learn the skills of writing CV. If you are not sure that you have some skill, do not hesitate to contact the experts. A small investment for your bright future!

Pay special attention to comply with the competition to highlight your personal attributes such as communication skills, team spirit, creativity, leadership and organizational skills, initiative … Be careful; you have to provide those features that you really have.
When you wrote your CV, don’t forget your photo. According to researches, although the most important is your experience and education, in the process of recruiting candidates equally important impression leaves your photo. Don’t put a photo from the wedding, which is blurry, or a photo in which you don’t look like yourself, because in the meantime you have changed hairstyle and hair color. Maybe it is a bit easier to men, but it does not mean they should not pay attention to the details mentioned above. Discreet smile and clothing pastel colors are proved as the best solution.

A cover letter is a document which must be sent along with your resume. It is an individual stamp that you give to your biography, and the goal is to introduce yourself to the employer in your CV. With cover letter you make clear why the employer needs to call you for an interview. In addition you will need to specify for which position you are reporting, emphasize your qualifications and skills for the job and why do you want that particular job.

A good voice is not related only with the professional competence of an employee, business accomplishments and projects, but also to his/her intellectual skills (soft skills). This is often crucial for managerial career. Expertise is a prerequisite, but intellectual skills such as conflict management, assertive communication, team management, negotiation skills, are what may be crucial in making decision about whether you will get a new job, or you might be improved.

Be aware that investing in yourself is an important segment of professional advancement.
In European countries volunteering is extremely on price. That says to employers you don’t sit at home and despair over your fate, but you are enterprising and you are actively working to improve personal skills by helping others. It also tells them about your interests that are important for a certain position.

The easiest way is to take advantage of online tools to search for jobs and business or social networking, such as. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and many others. Today, if you don’t have a quality profile on these networks, if you are not present in the digital world, you will hardly be recognizable, and thus more competitive in relation to other candidates for the job. Employers often check and compare the data that you have sent in a biography with what you’ve written about yourself in your private life, for example, on Facebook or Twitter, so it is very important to take care of what you like, about comments you write and what photos you post publicly.

Personally branding represents the need. If you do not attract attention and do not highlight your values and capabilities, someone else will do that, and the competition will win. Regardless of the position, the years, the work that you do, you represent yourself. Your name is your brand and your company. Whatever you do, you as a person are in the foreground. Roughly speaking, you are the product that you sell.

The ultimate goal of personal brand is to be honest. Personally branding does not mean that you falsely represent yourself (“sell” without coverage). The essence is to find your way and that your skills become important for the other people. Be unique and irreplaceable. Make the people around you to create a unique, strong and favorable association when they mention your name.

Personally branding will not solve all your problems. But it will help you to fit more easily into the business world, also help the world to be inclined to you and thus you will find your position.




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