Need help finding a job -Here is how to do it properly!

The search of employment is a very demanding job, and in difficult economic situations can be very exhausting. All those who were once engaged in an active search for jobs know that it is difficult to capture the attention of a potential employer, even with impeccable knowledge and work experience. Also your recent cancellations can be an aggravating factor when you apply for a job. However, this is not always the case. If you follow our advice, your cancellation can be the beginning of new success in business ventures.

Searching for a job is a process. Become active in this process as soon as you can, you will have a better chance to find and even dial work that meets more of your desires. We recommend you as soon as you can to start collecting information about companies and other employers where you might be able to be hired. Try to find out where they employ people with your interests and what kind of jobs you can do. Do not look for only big companies – the majority of people employed in small ones.

Before embarking on a new job search, you have to get rid of negative emotions that engulfed you. This is important because when you are looking for a job it is important to be positive and open, with a view to a brighter future. If you are still angry, disappointment, or something like defiance, you will hardly be able to look at your qualities, and therefore, it will be impossible to properly introduce yourself to potential employers. Simply, if you are frustrated, angry or depressed, you spread negative energy around, and that’s not what companies are looking for.

Therefore, first find a way to put on a smile on your face and think carefully in what direction you want to develop your career. You might want to try out some more challenging jobs, and maybe you’ve come to the conclusion that your previous jobs are not exactly what you would like to do. It can help you to turn to another branch of the economy. Maybe you want to work in a different type of company than before. In any case, now is the best time to change the course of your career in the right direction.
Finding a satisfactory job depends on personal commitment, creativity, enthusiasm and knowledge of the structure of the labor market and its principles and rules. There is no one method that guarantees finding a job, and therefore, the more you apply, the more likely is to achieve success.

Three basic strategies for job search:
1. Answer on the published competition
2. Be proactive and intranet
3. Contact employers who do not currently have open competition

Visibly labor market:
– Published competitions
– In the daily press
– On the Internet
– National Employment Service
– Employment Agencies
– Job fairs
– Fairs National Employment Service
– Fair practices

Invisible to the labor market:
– All available places are not advertised!
– About 60% of vacancies are not advertised at all.
– Advertising is expensive.
– Employers often have a large number of received applications in their companies by the vacancy announcement, they can learn about the candidates through referrals, or to hire an agency for human resources.

Creative job search is the best way you spare your time. This should be a proactive, systematic, organized search for the right job. Assuming you already know what you have to offer to the employer and what you want from the job, you can specify the area or sector of work, then consecrate on it and invest the necessary time.
Internet – Along with the development of Information Technology the internet is becoming more common and more affordable way for searching the job. You can find specialized portals there that contain information useful to both employers and potential employees. Also you can find information on labor market trends, methods of searching (and finding a job), special instructions, and what is the most important – job offers, practice, training.

There are six basic functions of the Internet in your job search:
1. Research area, professions, companies and certain types of work
2. Find tips about writing a CV on a job interview and active job search in general
3. Networking and establishing contacts with other people looking for job, as well as with companies and employers – this includes the use of e-mail
4. Finding open competition for the job
5. Set up your CV on the internet portals
6. Assessing yourself-assessment tests, personality tests, and things like that.

Social Networks – Social networks provide a great base for employers that are seeking potential candidates. It’s a platform that enables the creation of one’s professional and personal image.

Many people do not realize how much their “internet picture” is important in the development of his/her career. It is immediately able to help but also set back in a business situation. Employers love to see you in any way present on the Internet – in which you discuss and participate in any way, even the way you spend your free time. Because of that is important to be aware of any personal information about you on the Internet.

Acquaintances via Internet can be a great way to gain some knowledge, solve a problem or get answers to questions related to professional development, the particular employer or something else.

Individual approach to the employer – it is advisable to personally send documents to the employer, although they haven’t announced a competition for the job right now. Most employers collects applications in the base, and when they have a vacancy they are looking for possible candidates from the database. In addition, direct contact with the company means that the candidate is a creative and active in searching job.

Have you maybe thought about the possibility of starting your own business? For most young people who have not worked it’s hard to do. They do not have the experience or the initial “capital”. It’s not impossible for you- that’s on you! Self-employment in recent years is more often, and it is expected that it will be spread in the future.

Be prepared for defeat
During the period of searching for a job you might be particularly vulnerable, so probably every unearned job you will watch as your own defeat. However, keep in mind that a large number of people are looking for it too and is likely that it will be defeats, even if you have a flawless resume. Therefore, if the search continues, do not let you fall into depression, learn to deal with unemployment and be persistent.

We wish you good luck!




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