How to get promoted


You are hardworking and dedicated, you’re good at what you do and the people in the office cannot imagine a day without you but for some reason there is still no promotion. It seems like you are stalled, however, due to this situation and additional financial distress frustrations slowly accumulate. It’s not good to wait, take it into your own hands.


Get noticed
Of course, you should not be pupating that other people from the company don’t even know your name, but also it’s not advisable always to follow your boss. Find a balance between these two extremes.
Make a plan how you will present yourself in the best light. First, in front of colleagues, then in front of superiors and directors. Experts in psychology assert that the best way to be noticed is to take your participation in various trade unions, activities outside the office and humanitarian actions. You can ask an older colleague to be your mentor. This will show that you are a team player and that you take care about organisation in the company.

Talk direct with superiors
The worst thing you can do is to whine to your colleagues how small is your salary and that you want to change something. Go straight to the supervisor and tell him/her what your professional goals are. Also ask him what you have to do to get a promotion.
Talk with someone from HR department may also be effective, because that person can explain you how things in the company work. Let them know that you are ready to fight for the promotion and that you will not just sit and wait it to fall from the sky. All the goals, you can write on the paper and show to supervisor.

Be responsible
Regardless of whether you’re late with the development of the project or you have performed an unsuccessful attempt don’t blame others and elsewhere to seek explanations for the failure. No one will want to promote a person who is not able to take all the blame on yourself. Phrases like “I’m sorry” and “it will not happen again” can provide you with career advancement.

You know your job, so do it
Superiors like when employees know what their job is and they worth do it. They do not need to tell them twice. The right people for promotions are the ones that can organize their obligations. If you have more things to do, at the same time, do the one that has priority. That’s the employee, who is an excellent manager for himself/herself and who they are looking for. Also it shows that you will be good manager to the others someday.

Ask if you can help
Do not hang around and wait for the others to tell you what to do. Ask if you can do something to help. The initiative is highly appreciated if you want to be promoted.

Keep praises
Maybe two months ago director praised the project that you have done, and at the meeting last week also the idea that you have. Keep all the praises. It may mean to you one day. Save e-mails in which they praise your work or simply write it. Good reactions to your work can return you to a positive track when you have a bad day and you can put it in the annual report.

The companies that operate intensively quickly forget the events, even from the recent past. It would be good to make a mini personal file that can be your trump card when you seek for the promotion. This is a good idea for people who are in daily chaos, especially for those who have a bad memory.

Hours and hours of work                                                                                                                      The thing is clear: if you want promotion you need to work a lot. Results of some survey say that 87 percent of directors believe that employees need to have more working hours to consider their promotion. This varies from company to company and depends on the employee’s career.
In this case it is important to maintain a balance between work and life, to stay mentally strong and healthy, and productive.
Ask superior what their expectations are and about hours that are required to achieve promotion. An hour or two will not hurt, but don’t accept to lose private life because of work.

Be a team player
Race for improvement is not a team sport, but a team can be used to get to the finish line. Directors like to promote people who run the company’s interests and organizations within it. This means that you will have a higher goal to put ahead of personal goals.
Whatever you do be honest and loyal to the team. It’s not worth to be part of the team if your team doesn’t like you. It will quickly come to the superiors and you will be labeled as “undesirable for promotion.”

When will I be promote?
You did everything that is in your power. You are spotted as a valuable and capable worker ready to fit into team play. Now is the time to schedule an interview with your supervisor. Ask! We know, it is easier to say than do. You probably have a thousand questions in your head: What can I say? How to formulate? What if it sounds like a claim? What is the best way to present all?

The question of promotion is some kind of art. Especially if at the end you get that promotion. Therefore, you must know that there is a certain time for asking. Think about the financial situation of your company. If it is not good, maybe it’s not the right time to start this theme.

Ensure proves that will show that you deserve a promotion. Take this mini-file where you collected praises. It will certainly help you. Before the interview think about what you have achieved, whether you save companies money, make their systems more economic or you got the money with some project? If you have positive examples to some of these questions boldly ask for a promotion. Good luck!




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