Workplace and Motivation

A positive work environment is one of the key factors that affect on the employee. When you are in a company that has a pleasant working environment then you are more productive, motivate, achieve more, and the overall working atmosphere is better. At a time when money is the culmination of all, when our companies are doing everything to achieve profits without thinking about the people we come into a situation that with decrease of personal income dissatisfaction and discontent start to increase. In the situation like this we cannot expect some positive results. What can we do to change that?

What are the characteristics of a good working environment?
When we think about good working environment first we think on climatic conditions: air temperature and humidity, as well as conditions that affect on the human senses: lighting, color, noise and vibration. The office where we work must be well ventilated, light, the temperature in it has to be optimal, as well as humidity, no noise. If you do not provide such working conditions, it is expected that concentration to the employees decreases, which directly affects their productivity. These are physical factors that affect on employees. When they are met, we can think about the working environment in terms of the relationship between the employee and the employee’s supervisor, organizational culture, opportunities for advancement, office look…


Do everything to feel good
The environment depends not only on your work colleagues, but also from yourself. Try to find a common word and try to make the environment in which everyone feels comfortable. Change the look, manner and approach to work in your organization. Try to find the best solution on how to edit the work-space in the most efficient, but again and cheapest way.

If your colleagues are not interested in cooperation, edit your work environment in the way you feel good. You do not need big investments, just a little imagination and creativity. You can always make some things that will look good. Find the examples on the internet. A lot of tutorials can give you ideas. When you finish that you will be more productive during working days and you’ll make a great atmosphere in the workplace.
Employees will not feel good in the company regardless of how much space was well arranged, if the above conditions that are not met. Appearance and opportunities that employees have in the office, affect the way they feel at work. What is the equipment that employees use, whether they have the ability to rest how they want (games, listening to music …), can they use a break for lunch in the kitchen and the other things influence on employee satisfaction, and therefore on the productivity and engagement at work.

What to do
With the next few tips you will easily enhance the existing work environment and make it more productive and purposeful:
– The working area must be clean. When the place where you work is clean, then you will also feel more comfortable. Never eat at the place of work, and always try to get rid of unnecessary things that are around you. Don’t wait for others to clean it for you, take the matter into your own hands;
– Decorate your work space. To decorate a work space does not mean that you need a lot of resources. Decorate the office with a plant, objects and things that relax you and that make you feel comfortable at any time.
– Things that encourage creativity. Find things that will stimulate your creativity. Any business you are doing, you need the creativity, but with these things you are going to get it. It may be an ordinary Lego bricks that will wake you up and make you wake up creatively.
– Things that will rest you. Get some items that you can rest you in record time. When you feel fatigue or you have lack of concentration use this stuff to re-raise your work efficiency.
– Use the table and stickers. In this way you will never forget anything. It will constantly remind you of your appointments and tasks to do. Therefore your productivity and your efficiency will be better and bigger.

In a better work environment you can get:
1. Higher Productivity
When you are satisfied with the work area you will be more productive. You will not looking for things that you can’t find for the hours and your sight on the workplace will look better. Nothing will be a problem and you can easily perform your tasks.
2. Satisfaction
When you go to a working environment where you’re happy you will then have a greater will and the desire to do. You will also feel better, have greater motivation and you will better do your tasks.
3. Smaller fatigue
When the work-space suits your needs then you will have a lower fatigue. You will have more energy because you will not be so burdened with small things. You’ll also be able to do everything that you are requested for.
4. Better Mood
Things around you can encourage you to be and feel better. When you feel good in the same way your colleagues will feel too. And the atmosphere will be great for work.
5. Increased creativity
When a work environment is creative then you and your colleagues will be encouraged to be more creative. And then the ideas will come.

Do not overdo it
As in all things do not go overboard with the reconstruction. Pay attention to functionality because it should continue to be your workplace. Refurbishment shouldn’t go too much far that may also lead to conflicts of opinions and to the fact that some colleagues feel uncomfortable, but on the other hand you feel comfortable.

Be moderate, talk to the others and try to find such a solution that will suit everyone. Operating environment for you is very important so you need to customize it to their needs today. Be more productive and feel comfortable in the workplace.



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