Do your homework before you go for an interview

Do your homework before you go for an interview

It probably sounds unorthodox to do your homework before going to an interview because you are not at school. You are getting ready to land a job at one of your favorite financial organizations. However, no matter how strange it may sound, before waltzing into the interview of your dreams, you should know the steps of achieving a great performance. Or else, a better dancer will step in your shoes and get the job.

These are the steps you need to take to do your homework before you go for an interview

  1. Research the company

Do a thorough research about the company before meeting your prospect employer. This means to get to know the company’s mission and vision statements; read all the latest headlines about the company on Google News; join the company’s social media accounts; follow the company on LinkedIn; sign up on the company’s email list; contact people who work or used to work in the company. By following all these steps, you acquire a deep understanding of the company’s culture.

  1. Know the why

Most hiring managers would like to know why you are interested in working in the company they are working for. If you have researched the company before going to your meeting with them, it will become evident that you are familiar with the company’s products and services as well as with the people and the organizational culture. This basic knowledge will allow your interviewer to understand if you can be a really good fit for the company. In addition, you need to be able to explain to your interviewer why you are excited about the prospect of getting hired in the particular organization and how you can contribute to organizational success.

  1. Be ready to express your knowledge

Knowing a lot about the company and remain silent during the interview makes no sense. Be ready to express your knowledge to let the hiring manager know that you are familiar with the company’s basics (at least), but make sure not to look arrogant. Practice at home before getting there, ask the questions you are most likely to be asked and prepare yourself to shine during the interview. Also, make sure to compile a list of questions that you will ask your interviewer when asked to do so. A good preparation can guarantee success.

  1. Visit industry directories

Industry directories provide a great deal of information about a company. Try to establish a connection with a current or a former employee in the target company or in similar companies in the industry. Become a member of a professional organization and visit the related directory. Alternatively, you can check out the Financial Services Industry, Hoovers, and others. You can also visit and to expand your research about the company and get information about the culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance and more.

  1. News sources

The Internet can offer all sort of information about anything. Broaden your perspective and check out what the websites are writing about the company you are interested in and your prospect employers. How is the industry performing? How is the company doing in the industry? Is it a leader? Is it a laggard? Does it have growth prospects? Is it growth-oriented? All this information is publicly available on a range of media outlets that cover the companies on a local, regional and a national level. Visit NewsLink and search about the company or companies that interest you. Alternatively, you can try for relevant information on companies of the financial industry.

In conclusion, being able to effectively sell yourself during an interview requires good preparation and patience. Moreover, it is essential to land a job in the company of your preference. In the competitive field of Finance where candidates are highly qualified and possess a range of skills, it is important to know how to earn the respect of the hiring manager through your answers. There are several interview preparation tools over the Internet which you can use to engage hiring managers and convey unique strengths in face-to-face and phone interviews.




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