Skills which you dont need to specify in your Resume/CV

A long time ago, when computers were used by all, knowledge of specific skills had weight. Today, when computers are used by children, the rules are changing.

If you read this text, computer use is probably a part of your everyday life. You’re not alone. Today, the term ‘computer literacy’ means more than ‘use of the Internet and the MS Office package’. For this reason, it may be time to refresh your resume:

1) What was once a ‘job description’ today is ‘achievements’.

Features such as ‘kind, responsible, team player’ still occupy an important place in resumes, but achievements are what will make your resume stand out from the rest.
Why are the achievements better than the job description? While the two candidates with the description of previous jobs can be very similar or even identical, achievements will always be different. Therefore, if you specify achievements in your CV, it will make you different from all other candidates, even in the cases when you have a similar experience.
Achievements can be expressed numerically or descriptively, and they include everything that you have made, and has led to any improvements for the company (simplification or acceleration of certain processes, increase sales, reduce inventory, increase attendance, organization of activities and events that enhance teamwork within the company, gaining recognition or praise for successfully done project, task or job; attracting new customers, renewal of the contract with the client who may want to cancel the cooperation and so on).
This does not mean that you will omit job description from the CV’s: Give priority to achievements; just below a short list of the achievements count key information that describe your work every day.

2) It is not necessary to emphasize skills that are implied

It is always good to point out what makes you different, not qualities that most of the candidates possess. Of course, you cannot know what information the other candidates mentioned in their biographies, but you can keep an eye on the information that you repeat in your CV.
For example, if you specify that your hobby is basketball, no need to specify that you are ‘a team player’ because there is a very specific feature of your hobby.
Familiarize yourself with your resume and don’t repeat information that you are aware of. See with your friends or family members to critically analyze your resume.

3) For a description of the transaction is the biggest trap ‘highlighting the obvious’

For each job are characteristic certain tasks. Your goal is to indicate that tasks which you’re pretty sure your colleagues in the same work positions have not had a chance to work.
For example, each an expert in marketing or public relations met with writing press releases, but not all of them did a successful guest appearance in a TV show or an administrator company profile on social networks.
Such examples can be found in every profession, therefore, rather than specifying the information that everyone already know well, consider those that prove that you are doing your job differently than the others.

4) In the sea of information it is difficult, but essential, to keep the focus

This is the challenge that a special candidates who have diverse work experience are facing. Sometimes it is difficult to list all the jobs you have done, but the truth is that it is not necessary.
How to access the selection of jobs that will be included in a resume? First and foremost, accept the fact that it is necessary to adjust your resume to every ad that you sign and that the sending of the same CV to different employers is a failed strategy.
Accordingly, depending on the ad (work) on which you are applying, in the first place put your resume in the last working position, and beneath it number the ones that you are working and which are the same or similar job you are applying now.
To illustrate to the employer that it is not the only thing you’re doing, make section called “Other” where you can enumerate other tasks in the short lines. This may mean you will sometimes abandon from the chronological enumerating tasks, but in this context, that’s just fine.

5) In fact, every resume fit on two to three pages

It is difficult to reconcile with the fact that some information simply redundant or irrelevant. These are just some examples of information which have no place in a resume:

– If you have completed secondary school, a resume does not have to contain the primary school you completed

– If you have a university degree, a resume does not have to contain primary and secondary school you completed

– If you have more than one year of work experience, the topic of your thesis is not important information, unless it is very closely related to the job / ad that you’re applying

– If you have more than ten years of work experience do not need to list all the jobs you have worked throughout your career. Concentrate more on operations in the last five years or tasks that are related to the job that is currently applying for the competition.

– If you have more than five years of work experience it is not necessary to mention the jobs that you worked as a student

– The name and address of your former employer should not occupy the first place in your work experience. The first place should belong to your working position

– Skills that are not supported by concrete evidence in the form of work experience, education and accomplishments (for example communication skills, teamwork) has no place on a resume unless you have just completed their studies and have no work experience

– Marital or family status need not be mentioned in your CV

– Unnecessarily large font, underline and large spaces – these are all thieves of valuable space and as such unnecessary. Although it is important that the resume is eye-pleasing its appearance should not be in the foreground.

If you manage to avoid these pitfalls, your CV will look neater and it will be much more attractive to the employer. With the skills you have and which are necessary for the job you are applying for, you will be much closer to obtain a desired job.




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