How to look for a job immediately after graduation?

You have completed high school or college and want to start working? You just graduated, and these are your beginnings in the labor market? In both cases, you have the same goal: to stand out and leave a memorable impression on the employer. Similarly, you have to recognize the opportunity that comes along (and what young people with the lack of experience, often miss).

It is important to understand that job search is also tough ‘job’, but don’t worry. This is temporary, until you find it.

Here are some “little things” that can facilitate you:

1) Create a business card and always bring it with you

Cards should have only your first and last name, also title and contact information (mobile number / phone and e-mail address).
If you have a hobby that already promote online (for example on Facebook), you can specify a link to that page. Be sure to include a link that contains your resume, like your LinkedIn profile. It is not the custom, but who says that everything should be done according to rules?
In this way you promote your CV regardless of whether some ad for a job is posted or not. The assumption is that the cards can bestow on any occasion when you meet someone who you think could help you in the future and could be a useful contact.
The cost of making cards is not big (depending on the type of paper, quantity …), provided that you have created the appearance of cards by yourself using Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Corel, etc. If you can afford it, business cards are an excellent investment.

2) Use social networks – Follow companies that interest you

There is particularly useful Twitter. In addition, keep in mind that some companies just via Twitter looking for new employees. Of course, Twitter should not be the only source of the ad, but it is useful to keep in mind.
Also, Facebook has developed largely advertising system. Keep in track of the things you are interested in, follow companies’ profile; you can see the information that can be useful for you.
And of course LinkdIn that also serves as a network for setting CV, portfolio and searching for a job. Here you can directly contact the employers and ask them about everything that interests you.

3) Create a database of your works

If you had a practice during education and create something concrete, be sure to take a photo of that work and publish them online. Even if you do not have work experience, does not mean that you didn’t do anything during your education. Make the base of your works – unify it under a single link that will, of course, have a place on your card.

4) Do not hesitate to ask for help

If you miss contacts, ask friends or family members to connect you with some people. No one of these people doesn’t have obligation to give you a job. The most important is to present you to the others. Maybe these are people who will today-tomorrow find out that someone is looking for your profile of employee and will let you know the information about some ads that you would be able to login. The more people know you look for a job, the greater are your chances to find out the ad that you could match with.

5) Life is not just about looking for a job

When search for a job takes longer than you would like, any rejection or lack of feedback affect you more than it should. Therefore, it is extremely important not to neglect your personal life. Even if you have no money, you do not deny the free activities that will motivate you to keep a positive attitude. It was concerned that morning exercise or running around the building every day and treat yourself to a walk in the fresh air (by yourself, with friends, pets…).

Read books that build your skills (you do not have to buy books, you can find a lot of them on the internet, a reading library is also free and quality time spent). There are a number of free hobbies where you can be engaged, and if you use the Internet, consider writing a blog. In the long run it may be useful for your job search, if you use a blog for writing about topics in the field that you want to work with. In this way you also build your image and open the possibility for a good debate with those who read this blog.

6) Always thank the employer during the interview

Employers don’t respond to the request or even don’t give feedback on the outcome of the contest. Do not worry about it. Instead, with your example show how it works: If no one contacts you, and the underline date has already completed then call and politely ask for the information. If you did a job interview, the same day send e-mail the employer in which you are grateful for the time you spend chatting. Write it without too many words. Gesture is important. If they hire someone who is not at the end to interested take a job, what do you think, who will be their second choice?

7) Agree to work part-time

When you’re young and you do not have work experience, regardless of whether you finish high school or college, use every opportunity to gain work experience. Sometimes this will mean that you agree to a month of volunteering, and sometimes you’ll work part-time. Do not be burdened with expectations, such as: full-time, fixed salary (preferably as average or above it). If your expectations are higher, the easier you will be disappointed when they refuse you.

Make small (but safe) steps towards the ultimate goal. This is not a phrase, but rational behavior. I always keep in mind that this is a temporary solution. Would you consider volunteering a month, if someone subsequently offered work with a part-time salary of some small amount? And if someone tells you to accept this offer for a year and it will lead you to full-time job? Do not miss the opportunities that maybe on the first sight are not sound appealing – it is a great chance that you will achieve your goals thanks to them.

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