How to write business e-mail?

Texting and letters expectations got a completely different context with modernization of technology. Instead postman today, we expect a small, white envelope at the bottom of the monitor. Although it is greatly facilitated communication, we must be aware that e-mail requires certain rules of behavior and writing.

It is not hard to write and send e-mail to colleagues, employer or someone else. However, many people are in trouble when they have to write a message of serious content to someone formal like particular institution, employers and bosses are. Below we bring you a few simple rules that must be followed if you want to learn to write good emails.

Clearly formulate the address and subject

In addition to the clearly formulated the recipient’s address, an important segment of the e-mail is a subject. Title of e-mail address is used to formulate the subject about which you write in a few words in the letter. Title of e-mail is important because a large number of letters that are sent as advertisements are being erased, so clearly indicate what you want to say in a letter that you send. Also it should be a good and attractive because, in this way, you attract people to read the email and give them a clear picture of what is written in.

If it comes, for example, an important email that you want to send to a business partner, the title of e-mail should show that. Also, if it comes to an email with a joke, the title is the one that should reveal it, that you can immediately see that this is something that you can read at pause. Another reason why the title has to be clear is because people will later easier find a specific email in the inbox or outbox.

Start letter with the greeting and finish it with signature

E-mail like any kind of script begins with the greeting (Dear Mr/Mrs…). Under the salutation should be the introduction to one of his “interlocutor” introduced in the basic content and goal of letters. The message, as we have already said, has to be very precise, it is not a question of “what the author wanted to say in this letter.”
The conclusion at the end of the letter serves to clearly write what you want to achieve. The bottom of the completed letter should appear with your signature that includes your position in the company you work for and your official contact.

Turn off the jargon

Experts advise is that jargon should be avoided, either in written or in oral form. It is not appropriate to use these words in the business world. Also if you use it you don’t look serious for someone you text with, especially if you want to tell him/her something important. The goal is that we all understand the content and in a simple way express what we think. Keep it simple.

Respect the privacy of other people’s e-mails

When you are able to send mail to a large number of addresses (this is often the case with sending humorous e-mails to friends), maybe it’s better to put 15-20 mail address in the “to” rather than to form a group of friends as part of their e-mail accounts. In this way, recipients will see a list of addresses of all the people who have also received the email. Another option is to put the addresses in the “bcc” field instead of “to”. The people to whom you send the email is likely to pass it on, so many people will get a list of e-mails from your friends. The same rules are when you forward one’s email to a larger number of addresses. In this case, you can delete it from the text after you passed to a list of emails of people who initially received this email. This is one of the ways to protect yourself from spam.

Avoid writing confidential data

In the content of email you should avoid important data and information that you think a lot of people should not know. If you can’t avoid it mention it clearly that the recipient has in mind what is written in the letter dedicated exclusively to him/her.

Answer on time

In the business world it is really important to respect other’s time. If you receive e-mail, it is important to answer the question quickly, optimum is around 24 hours. Of course, if you are not able, do it as soon as possible with further explanation why you’re late with the response, which should also be brief.

Indication of an emergency e-mails

The information that is very important, which has to be as soon as possible send at your destination, you can highlight and mark with red exclamation mark or flag. Other option is to write in the title that it’s emergent. Thus when a person receives an email immediately he/she will know what is priority to you.

Search acknowledgment of email

Acknowledgement of receipt of e-mail is not always necessary because it can be tedious, especially if during the day you receive a lot of emails. Also, colleagues can mutually exchange e-mails that have a comedic content, and if the aknowledge is furnished as required, it will not make sense because in such circumstances it is not expected. The aknowledge is, therefore, asked if and when it makes sense.

Do not write too long

Remember how people read e-mails – and eagerly scanned the mouse go up – down. If you put too much information at the end, you’ll only make it more difficult to scan and take recipient’s time. So, write short as much as you can, especially at the end, sign and send.
In the business world you’ll meet with sending emails a lot of time. It is one of the fastest and most popular way of communication. When you get experience in writing it, it will be more easier to you. Until that learn and catch mistakes. Good luck!




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