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Although the quality of life and level of satisfaction largely depends on whether you are dealing with someone who likes to work, research shows that only every fifth man or woman enjoys in interests that he/she chose. Wrong choice not only cause discontent and bad mental state, but also reflects on physical health, emotional stability, interpersonal relationships…
How do you choose the right job? Are the children able to wisely choose it after high school, to see their affinities, abilities, potentials? What is parental influence and weather they, despite the best of intentions, can always be the best advisers? If you make the wrong choice, whether it is possible in adulthood change the occupation, finally find yourself in something and change life around? How much strength, will and motivation are necessary to implement such decisions?
It is said that you can live only in advance, and understand life backwards. The same applies to the operative part of the career. While it is almost impossible to know where it will take you some work, there are signals on most jobs that indicate whether some business suits you or not. Regardless of where the work is, you always need to search for the signals. Whether you have just left school or have mid-level manager who is trying to make it to the senior management, you need to carefully examine how business is good for you.
Keep in mind that the job search is process that requires patience, time and proofing. Choose something that you enjoy in, join the collective you drag and give your best.
All aspects of the job can be perfect, but if you do not enjoy in their daily work with colleagues, business can be a real hassle. Look for a job in companies whose sensibility is close to you. I mean on the values, behavior and personality of future colleagues, as it can be seen in their sincerity when they talk about effects or how much they laugh at meetings. If you are employed in the company whose sensibility does not suit you, it is possible that in such an environment will not be able to behave naturally. It would be a mortal blow to your career if you had to pretend every day. The earlier you find ‘your people’, your career will be better. Even if you get the job that is idyllic in every other respect, if the collective sensibility does not match yours, it is not the ideal job for you.
Business opportunities
There is no doubt that we are attracted by jobs that we think we will successfully perform. For sure success has its charms, but each job that you accept has to be challenging. It should lead you to think like, “I can do most tasks, but there are certainly skills and knowledge that I have not acquired yet. Here you’ll learn something. “Opportunities for personal growth will fill you with more energy, and your job even more interesting. While the possibility to make an error increases in jobs of this type, make sure that in the companies in which you are hired the employers appreciate knowledge and mistakes are not considered as fatal. Here you can always find someone who will be a mentor or advisor to you.
If the signals related to business opportunities refer to find a job that allows personal growth, optional signals are related to find a job that will help you if you leave it once. In the end, the position should allow you to gain qualifications that you can take with you, whether it’s about the experience in a prestigious company or a managerial position in a small company that is still developing. Anyway, optional signal has its other side. Some companies will open or close door to you because of its reputation. Some companies will do it because their activities have an uncertain future. For example, the airline industry has the difficult economic conditions and wages are relatively low. However, there are people who simply love the romantic aspect of flying. If you’re one of them, of course you should try this activity; do it, but with open eyes.
Independent decision-making
At some point in your career, many people decide to take the job, which is a reflection of someone else’s desires and dreams. This is not necessarily bad, but it can turn into a real problem if you do not understand, because the truth sooner or later catches you up. We often hear stories of people who have accepted a job because, for example, a spouse wants to travel less. Usually happens that this person loses the possibility of promotion because they had limited mobility. Life can therefore be converted into a constant reproach, and sometimes resentment is not open, but slowly cooked. The reality is that there is no sure way to avoid what someone else decided about your business. The older you are, life and relationships become more complex: there is a child who needs to pay tuition, and your spouse has his/her career. The only real defense against unwanted consequences is to be honest with yourself and consider why you accept a particular job.
Type of job
In every business there are bad days and hard times, and situations when you work just to get money for some necessary things. But in the best case you love at least some aspects of your business – customers, travel, and a sense of community with colleagues during meetings at Tuesday morning – whatever it was, that’s what makes you return to work every day. In any event, the business goes up and down, but if your job at least on some level does not excite you, look no further. While you are looking for a job, keep in mind that this is a process that requires patience, time and proofing. Choose something that you enjoy doing, join the collective you drag and give your best. If you do, ensure you have a great job – and you will never feel that you work.



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