Take advantage of social networks to find a better job

If you are unemployed, you are among a large number of people who have the same mission as you do – to find a place under the sun and a desk where you will be able to show all your skills. This is a serious task, and given the strong competition. Channels which lead to a good job today are diverse.

Although most people are still searching for jobs through large portals specialized in business deals, an area which you might not have crossed your mind are actually social networks. We all like social networks and even though sometimes we spend too much time on them, it turned out that the time spent in front of the computer and the phone is well spent time in which we think of our career (if we do it correctly).

According to a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, 84% of companies said they use social networks in hiring candidates and “passive” candidates – persons that are ideal for this job, but not currently looking for a new job.

The networks on which you can usually find potential employers are Linkedin (79% of employers), Facebook (26%), Twitter (14%). Since the major part of their target groups is in these networks, they plan their activities direct towards them.

LinkedIn and job search

There is no doubt that nothing has changed the world of recruiting as a phenomenon LinkedIn. LinkedIn or “Facebook Professionals” as we call it in the beginning is a great place to meet and communicate with those who look for a job and potential employers. However, since it looks like a profile on LinkedIn, it’s also the manner in which the interaction takes place between the two groups.

We have selected some of the tips that might be useful to those looking for a job this way:

First of all, candidates often forget to improve the visibility of their profile. Visibility refers how easily someone could search through (either Linkedin or Google) to find your profile. Generally, you have to use the words that will help you to fall into a group with others who have the same interest as you, no matter what is the official title of your current position in the company (the employer needs to find in the text of your profile). This will help those who have a desire to get in touch with professionals like you, give you the ability to “see” as soon as they enter a particular keyword in the search field.
In the “contact info”, make sure to enter your private mail addresses or phone numbers. Otherwise, you would get less business opportunity for a potential change in the workplace because it will access other cautiously. Do not overfill the profile of unnecessary information. It is best to summarize, per item, a description of your current duties on the current and past jobs.

Be honest. One is to withhold information they consider irrelevant to your further development (for example, some occasional work that you performed during the study), and quite another to invent positions or companies in which you are working. Do not forget that they are on LinkedIn all in some way connected and that the question of the moment is when the untruths will be find out.

Carefully choose a photo for your profile. While some will say that HR professional photographs may not be relevant to your business, photo where you are smiling or in the work environment can certainly be just another plus. Sometimes it’s some interesting photos welcome. Use interesting think of original ideas, but not on the photos from a party or a bachelor party.

Use English. This debate seems to be “the most painful” of all. Candidate should be in touch with as many people. LinkedIn doesn’t use people only from one region more people around the world and from international companies who might just want to get in touch with the person of your skills and interests. Ask yourself whether in the “search tab” enter the word “accounting” or “accountant.” Nobody’s interest that the process of seeking candidates for a job is longer and more complicated.

Connect with people. Well worded profile will not mean much if you have only three connections. Carefully target companies that want to keep in touch and connect with key parties.

Most companies and HR agency has its own LinkedIn page and its LinkedIn group. If you choose to take on the ad that was published by the media let the same way, making sure that your communications are professional. This, of course, does not mean that you should go forth “too strict”, but to comply with some of the basics of business communication. Try not to sound casual. Best regards and good wishes for the holidays are very nice gesture, or humorous comments do not belong here because it does not leave a good impression on the employer. Also, be sure to follow the spelling rules. Spelling or small mistakes can easily happen, but conspicuous spelling errors left a very negative impression. For what you used obtained data? If you really think that your prospective employer will not check, then you are living in delusion. Each segment of your CV will pass through the control of the Department of Human Resources, as well as management, if they are, according to these data, looking for a quality candidate. That’s why you need to pay attention what you set up on profile.

Facebook and job search

Most experts in the field of Human Resources would agree that the profile on Facebook is important. However, it is not known how many potential employers out of curiosity and curiosity decided to check whether their potential (or current) employees have a Facebook profile and what it carries.

Regarding the visibility of Facebook profiles and personal data, if there is something you want to leave only a narrow circle of people, take time to explore Facebook profile settings. There is also an option that your Facebook profile is not coming out of the search.
Facebook, of course, is not just a cause for anxiety but a medium whose benefits you can certainly use it. Most HR agency now has its own Facebook profile. HR agencies use Facebook as a communication medium more, but not a recommendation to be published on the competition in this way answering the same way. Read the ad carefully and send CV to email address listed in your ad. “Like” the page companies that want to keep up, if you have them. Some companies use Facebook as a marketing medium, but also as a way to reach a potentially interesting biography. Sometimes it is enough that a period of leisure takes a look at Facebook and realizes that one of your friends knows someone who needs an employee just like you. Facebook gives you the opportunity to hear through acquaintances that in a company are just opened some interesting positions. Sometimes it is just crucial exposure information for any change in your professional life.

Twitter and job search

If you have a Twitter account, you likely didn’t open profile motivated by the need to find a job, but if you are still looking for it, there’s no reason not to take advantage of its capabilities.

If you decide to take this step, then it would be good to your account to do something more interesting for potential employers. For starters, it does not hurt that the tasks include a link to your online biography. This would in some way be respected rule “short form” which is synonymous with Twitter, and yet you do a lot for their “visibility” in the virtual world. If you do this move might seem too extreme, you introduce yourself in a few words as a professional in the field of origin and set it on his Twitter account.

Twitter provides a great opportunity to unite a lot of information that may be important in all tweets that contain a specific hashtag grouped into a single review. Hashtag #job for start can be helpful. This, of course, does not mean that you will use each tweet published in a particular group, but the number of those information outweighs the number of those that do not.

Do not lose hope, because the market is huge. There is a place for you, just be the first to define the channel in which you will look for it. However, you should be aware that even if you find an ad that fits you, your experience and knowledge primarily adjudicate whether you get the job. Therefore, you should secure your education to be positioned above the other candidates. Learn not only how to do PR work in the digital world, but also how to find your ideal employer and present yourself in the best light. And these three skills will be of crucial importance when it comes to the final choice of candidates.



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