Advantages and disadvantages of freelance

As society and technology evolve, work space is changing too. Classic offices are increasingly replaced with alternative work spaces. It is recorded an increasing phenomenon of working from home. And while for someone it seems as the ideal way of working, others more like working in the office, but it depends on each person and their own preferences as well as on the type of the job. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of freelance


One of the advantages of working from home is flexibility and the ability to work on your own schedule and pace. Often there are no fixed working hours, and the morning for example can be used to do some other things, and you can work in the afternoon or evening. This largely depends of the conditions, but also of the type of work and whether you are working for a company or you are your own boss. If you are an employee in the company, and you work from home, there is a possibility that you are doing the usual eight-hour (or longer) hours from the morning and the afternoon hours of work are not mostly reserved for the office but for your apartment or house.

You do not have to travel

If you rent office space that is away from you, you have to travel to work no matter what the distance is. Home office in your own home greatly saves the time it would, otherwise, be spent on travel to the workplace. Among other things, this means that you have no worries about fuel, nor have to drive in the bus in order to get to work, and what is the most beautiful of all, as soon as you finish your work, your family is waiting for you here, just behind the door.

Full control environment

If you work from home, you have complete control over your environment. You decide how it will look your office space, and thus you can choose whether you need to conduct business only a special room or an upgraded room that will serve as the official office. You can paint your workspace in the way you want, you can add or take away anything you want and you do not need anyone’s approval, because you are your own boss.

Relaxed atmosphere

Home atmosphere is much more relaxed than in the office. “Your own boss” here comes fully to the fore, not to mention the fact that you do not have to think about the dress code in this day you can spend in pajamas!


Saving time is one of the biggest pluses of working from home. The time you wasted on saving and time from home to work and back in this case can be spent more effectively; you can start to work earlier unless you squeeze deadlines, you want to quit work early, or just want to sleep a little longer.


If you don’t have husband or wife and children, you will discover the magic of working from home in peace and quiet. Without constant interruptions from colleagues and superiors you could work in peace and be more efficient and complete tasks faster. Accounts only can spoil the constant availability enabled by modern technology, but you can always at some time turn off applications or at least decrease the volume that notifies it hinders you to work.

Saving money

The money you spend on lunch and all kinds of snacks you will now save, not to mention that is much cheaper if you are preparing a meal at home. Also it’s better quality feed. Also, you will not spend more money on transport, whether private or public.


Too much work

Flexibility of work can often lead to performance of work late at night without rest, and sometimes without proper meals. These days can always happen, but it is important that it does not happen too often. Rest is essential for everyone that can work more effectively.

It’s great opportunity for delay

On the other hand it also can happen that if you are constantly in the house and if you’re still working in the same apartment, the better are chances for procrastination. These opportunities in your own home can be found everywhere – from the courts that were left unwashed in the past, through an interesting television program, to the neglected book on the shelf in the living room, right in that moment everything have attracted attention. The house is very easy to take attention from your work on something else. There’s even a danger that you, who knows, might decide that there is high time for a lot of storage?! Options for doing nothing in your own home are really very large and a major challenge is to resist them completely.
If the job still uses the same computer that you used for personal purposes, the list of possibilities becomes infinite. Not without being awake what you’re doing, you will post useless status on Facebook about what you have for breakfast today.

Family and professional life

If you are alone or without children work from home can be a real boon, of course, if you separate private and business life, or rather, work and leisure. If you have family life and children, while doing household members you can interfere in the work or not to take seriously working hours.

Lack of motivation

No matter how attractive is the comfort of home, for someone this advantage can turn into a disadvantage, a work in carrying out everything else except what you need? It depends on your character and work habits. It is important to make a plan and stick to the schedule as much as possible and perform on time that you specify. Leave the rest for leisure.

Lack of brainstorming

Studies have shown that working from home has many advantages, but it can reflect badly on your creativity and idea development. Brainstorming is of paramount importance in almost any business, and if you do it by yourself, and do not communicate with the others about work, working process can lead to a lack of good ideas and developing them. One of the solutions is at least one day a week to replace home office with shared work space.



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