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You’ve probably already heard of content marketing and how it is a big trend. In the last 3-4 years everyone is talking about it. The reason for this is that there are a lot of marketing and PR agencies and Content marketing

You’ve probably already heard of content marketing and how it is a big trend. In the last 3-4 years everyone is talking about it. The reason for this is that there are a lot of marketing and PR agencies and various “experts,” that sell the story that everyone can very easy earn huge money by selling companies content marketing “strategy”. And the truth is that content marketing is trend. But not one that lasts for a couple of years, and which should exploit until it lasts. Content marketing is a trend that has lasted for 100 years.
Specifically, it started from the moment when David Oglvi, Claude Hopkins and other marketing experts in the first half of the 20th century realized that the number of people buying advertising increases when the ad first provide some useful information.
Content Marketing (marketing content – phrases Inbound Marketing is also used) is a term that combines marketing strategy and tactics (actions) in connection with the publication and distribution (dividing) content, in order to engage existing and potential customers. Content marketing aim is to provide high-quality, relevant and valuable information that is intended to lead to profitable actions of the user.


Classic strategy and tactics of promotion (outbound marketing) focus on finding potential customers. Inbound Marketing (Content Marketing) aims to attract customers.
Very expensive techniques of classical advertising, which are based on the interruption of the flow consumption of content by users (interruption marketing), all have less obvious effects (in English is used the term – spray and pray). Question: When did you last review the entire advertising block on a television, no matter what you order you get a free program because the media’s termination is charged by the sponsor?

In developed countries, over 90 percent of future purchases begins with a survey on the Internet. Content marketing aims to attract potential customers seeking information about the targeted products and services through the provision of relevant content that users seek.In the last 2-3 years in the world it is developed different techniques of simple and low-cost (cost-effective) publication and distribution of quality content by creating their own online media (custom media, brand media, corporate media, corporate journalism …) .

Unlike stressful situations whether a particular statement will be published at some (online) media, creating the company’s blog, or company’s online magazine cost of the software (there are also a large number of free software solutions for blogs and online magazine), and people who will create the necessary facilities. Most of the new jobs are for journalists and PR agency! This on a monthly basis five times less than a second on the highly watched TV!
The concept of marketing content

Fall of the price of online software, increased the importance of online search, the advent of social media and simple possibility of monitoring the traffic statistics (Web analytics), led to the view that it is more complicated to get to the price of bringing the customer and where he/she came (in which manner).
Prices of advertising pay-per-click (CPC – advertising through search engines and contextual advertising – systems based on auction model of paying for keywords) are growing (growth rates for key words that lead visitors and customers to the sites), and on the other side the data in the world show that the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) is of increasing importance. The appearance of influential social media has led so far that quality facilities are significantly more visible with the help of social media (social media much easier achieve quality ratings for the various inquiries in relation to other media). On the other hand, online media sites are generally more visible on search engines to commercial Web sites (sites that sell products and services).

Since the beginning of the Internet boom in the US in 1995. it is known that the creation of quality content is based on successful online appearances. The difference between the end of the nineties and these days is that the price of online software significantly decreased, and their efficient system of free distribution has improved significantly.
Content marketing is a synthesis of contemporary practical activities that need an organization to work (to engage and participate in the conversation with the actual and potential customers) and to have satisfactory results of operations.
Marketing content is used by some of the greatest marketing organizations in the world, including P&G, Microsoft and Cisco Systems. It’s also developed and implemented by small businesses and individuals who earn on the Internet, worldwide. Why? Because it has proven to be a very effective way that produces results.

New technologies arise, consumers have changed their behavior lightly pushing traditional marketing. They have digital TV, where they can skip commercials on television, the print editions of the newspaper not to mention, they have become so addicted of surfing on the Internet to assist them in the search and download the information that they are not bothered with banners and buttons. Marketing experts understand that traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective methods and must find a better way. Leaders in the world of marketing from around the world came to the conclusion that content marketing is not just the future, it is also present.
Marketing is impossible without quality content

Go back and read the definition of content marketing once again, but this time ignore the words relevant and valuable. This is the difference between marketing and other non-performing content of information that is obtained from a variety of operations that are trying to sell you any goods or services (may freely say, spam). This is what makes so intriguing content marketing in today’s environment and inundated with thousands of marketing messages that are sent to customers on a daily basis.
According to research by Roper Public Affairs, 80% of business decision makers decide that information about the company is a series of articles rather than through advertising. 70% say that marketing’s content makes them feel closer to the sponsor companies, while 60% say that their company’s content helps to make better production decisions. Think about it, what if you make content that will delight your customers, to a gas interest to read and share with friends?

Yes, you can create with such marketing a relationship with your customers that are eagerly anticipated new content from you. Content marketing is not advertising that bomb customers every day but, of course, there must be sales and advertising on a much more perfidious way. Create quality content relevant to your business, promote your content and the results will come.




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