How to build a powerful professional network

Most job seekers use job search engines or ask the help of a recruiter to get a job. However, with an unemployment rate close to 5%, networking can return excellent results, if done properly. Actually, networking can help you land the job of your dreams, as there are job positions, which are not advertised, but become available to job seekers through networking.

Here are some useful tips on how to build a professional network:

  1. Set professional goals

To achieve the best out of the networking process, you need to set professional goals. What you seek to achieve by joining networking events? Are you looking for a job, or you simply want to expand your professional contact list? Having a professional goal can help you build your own network. Approach and invite people who share common interests with you and aspire the same professional goals.

  1. Network with your inner circle

Networking with your friends and family is a great way to start building your professional network. Let people know you are looking for a job, and explain to them what exactly you are looking for. You are likely to be offered several job opportunities from their circle of contacts. You may even land an interview for an unadvertised job.

  1. Contact the right people

By keeping on networking, you don’t build a powerful professional network. You need to compile a list of potential contacts, who share common interests with you. Read relevant articles to see how people who participate in networking events, approach the networking process. Attend presentations made by these people and get them to meet you.

  1. Build an effective network

Do not network professionally. What you need is a strong network that may help you land a job in the finance field. You need strong connections, not a huge number of contacts you have nothing in common with. Focus on a few people in the beginning, and then start adding contacts with a larger audience.

  1. Take advantage of social networking

Social networking can be a great help in your effort to build a strong professional network. There are a few career-oriented websites, which you should use to contact experts in the finance field. If you have a LinkedIn account, it is a great start to contact fellow professionals and initiate a conversation about a finance topic you are interested in. Facebook and Twitter are also helpful social networking sites, provided you are using them for professional purposes. It may take some time to build your network through social networking, but it will be helpful in the long run.

  1. Network in your network

Sometimes, people need help on a project. Bring two members of your network in contact to help them achieve their goal. Speak highly of the professionals you are connected with and appreciate your relationship with them. If someone asks you for consultation and you know a person who can help, suggest this contact to them. Promote yourself as a great knowledge resource. People will be happy to have you in their circles.

Overall, professional networking offers great job opportunities and saves considerable time in job search. Regardless if you are meeting professionals in seminars to exchange views about the finance field or you network at graduation parties, networking is an extremely powerful tool in a job search. And if you are not feeling confident, ask the help of a mentor for valuable advice on how to network efficiently.



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