How to Prepare for a Group Interview

Each of us works differently and therefore is easier for someone to pass interview for a job alone and for some others with the other people even if they are your direct competition. A situation that will allow you not to be alone during the interview with the employer is called a group interview. One of the reasons why this method is applied is to assess how candidates react under pressure. And depending on the needs of the employer in a group interview, this is how people usually look for the leader.

Group interview is usually used for positions that do not require previous work experience; these are the so-called entry level positions. Also at positions where the emphasis is much more on the skills in working with people rather than on the eligibility of candidates. This happens especially in the case of graduated students. This form of interview is justified because it allows easy verification of certain competencies through a playing role and other types of group assignments and exercises and consideration of whether any of the candidates has certain managerial potential.

Then, the group interview was also used in mass recruitment, for example, sales staff in supermarkets, where in a short period of time is necessary to employ a large number of people. In this case, thanks to a group interview it is possible in a short period of time to include and see a larger number of candidates.

As already is mentioned, the group interview is one of the ways to check a certain competence as skills in working with people, but also all other competencies that can be subsumed under the so-called “soft skills” (leadership skills, influencing, winning over the other for cooperation, presentation, problem solving, organizing, planning, decision making, etc.).

Multiple individual interviews

During individual interviews one person interviews several candidates at the same time. In these situations it happens to be implemented strategies from individual interviews, and candidates are the ones who throw each other, depending on who is willing to point out in the right way. It varies from the group interview according to the number of people who carry out the interview. Here it is only one person while in a group interview it is carried out to more people at a time.

Group interview

Interview in which there are more candidates and more examiners is called also group interview. This interview provides an opportunity that commission compare impressions after the interview (it is less likely to grant just the subjective opinion of one man) and to apply the tactics of “stress interview” where the commission ask a number of obvious questions to test candidates in stressful situations. Here they can see what people work well under the pressure. The essence of the group interview showed the best exercises that are done on this occasion.

Group exercises

This usually involves the entire group of candidates for the job, who are required to perform a task. It is usually given a little time to get the task completes successfully, and the goal of the test is to check how candidates react under stress, whether it will support the group to achieve the goal no matter of the time or it will take matters into their own hands and ignore the rest of the team.
If you get into this situation, it is important that you understand the instructions for good exercise that you get from the interviewer and ask questions if there is something you do not understand. Ask your colleagues what they think about a particular issue and what solution they propose. You do not need to be presented as absolute leader, or whether it would be desirable to be active. And finally, do not lose track of time or the goal of exercise because your job is to stay focused despite all the faults that are around you.

How to prepare

Preparing for a group interview, in this case, is almost impossible. Features such as the possibility of cooperation with a team of people that surround you is something you learn all your life and it is necessary to constantly work on that. In the interview for the job you can deceive the employer or in any case will not last long because it will immediately become obvious that you are still not the right person for the job. So, the scam is something that no one will want and absolutely must be avoided. Here are some tips that may help you:

Stand out!

This is an opportunity that allows you to meet with your potential employer. You are aware that it will be followed by questions that will sort out some of the candidates, and a jitter is common in such situations. However, if you are well prepared, jitters will disappear or at least significantly reduced. Your goal on this occasion should be a highlight, because it’s the only way you can have a real chance for you to be the person you will hire.
A smile is a natural essential just like a direct view “eye to eye” but not just with people who you interview, but also with other candidates. Try to create a friendly relationship with everyone, because ultimately this will be evaluated and how much you are a team player. It is important to use this opportunity to show your skills and abilities you have.

Be confident!

How you present yourself the others will see too. This sentence can be of great importance. It is very important to show your confidence. Calmly answer questions and observe your opponents, because, apart from the general positive impression you will make clear that you value teamwork, which is a very desirable feature.
You’ll probably be in a position through a “role play” show your skills with others. In this situation it is important to respect your competition, you will find the best time to show what you are going to respect, the opinions of others and to encourage others in the activity, which will again accentuate your leadership ability (for example, a particular proposal you will put on a vote rather than loud discussion, or you will ask people that are withdrawn and shy what is their opinion about a specific topic).

Enforce your opinion!

Group interviews have the advantage over the individual time giving you time to think about your answers. Namely, if one of the candidates answer the first question you have a moment to consider what you want to say. It is desirable to participate in conversations and discussions, in these situations need to stand up for your position, which does not mean you have to “trample over the other,” or that is in any way endangered its prominence, because your employer will have the opportunity to see also how you “play on the team.” You do not have to be the loudest, nor should gesticulation turn attention to yourself, but the worst thing you can do is to remain silent and be inactive, and that is what we want to avoid.




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