Learning over the Internet- everything you need to know about Webinars

In recent years, almost all educational organizations in the world offer webinars – seminars via the web (either paid, or free). Each of us, through our networking computer has access to the content – if you understand the language in which it is maintained. But now we can learn live over the Internet and in our language. Webinars have become an equal part of the offer in our market training.

Some foreign companies through the internet train employees in their own offices, and there are frequent advertisements for public webinars domestic professional educators. Webinar is shorter, simpler and more economical form of training than full-day group training at a particular location. Therefore, learning through webinars has undoubted advantages, especially in times of reduced budgets for education.

Who are the webinars designed for?

Webinar participants do not have to be ‘tech’, ” geeks’ or hackers, but only average computer users. Anyone who knows how to use e-mail and visit favorite websites can without any difficulties participate in the webinar.

What ways of transferring the content of training allows webinar?

Software that is used in the world of webinars primarily enables meetings and conferences, so they are used for online delivery. Their meaning is therefore to allow participants to interact, not a monologue of lecturers. Therefore, the best software includes very diverse elements:

1) Downloading the live presentation – forward and backward through the slides, longer retention on each slide or skip slides as appropriate;

2) A live audio / video signal, usually one or two speakers that participants clearly see on their screens via webcams or digital cameras with audio;

3) Voice over the Internet (VoIP) or telephone conferences with many participants;

4) Group tour of the Web sites and interaction on them – filling in forms, watching videos and even playing games, etc

5) Surveys and polls

6) Group work “on the board” – in an empty area, where all participants can write or draw as desired;

7) Exchange group and annotating documents;

8) Group access to one desktop – usually the lecturer;

9) Chat – private (between two participants) or public (for all participants);

10) Delegating roles of teachers / heads of the other participant;

11) Audio / visual recording of held sessions.

What are the advantages of webinars?

Learning through webinars is very economical. It saves time and it is great – attendant separates the most an hour or two on the session and can be included in the webinar from the regular duties, without leaving the computer. It does not require nor the time, nor the costs of going to training, or return to it. As the webinars are much shorter than all-day training, their price is comparatively lower than the price of classical training (which requires a room, equipment, refreshments during breaks, etc.).

Learning through webinars is easy and comfortable – the student can stay in any place where have access to the Internet – on the beach, in a cottage, in the hotel room, it can be even in slippers, or garden table, deck chair, with ice cream in hand – if it is able to maintain the concentration in those terms.

Learning through webinars is very effectively – to teach the topic in a maximum of 100 minutes, the teacher must maintain complete focus on the thematic unit, no time to rely in digressions. That the participants in the short term mastered all they need to know about the subject, the lecturer has to work hard whole time. Due to technical circumstances, preparation of webinars must be significantly more important than seminars held live. Transmission over the Web makes that customers, through the well prepared webinar, receive the essence of the content, without decoration.

What are the risks of webinars?

Risks related to technical and human factors. The practice has developed good solutions for that.

What if I have a bad connection?

First of all, for the success of webinars is necessary permanent connection of local computer to the Internet – both for trainers, and attendant too. As it is impossible to guarantee, solutions can range from repetition of the session, to reimbursement of funds that are paid – depending on the severity and duration of interruptions.

What if the teacher is bad?

It is possible that the teacher is not enough skilled at this type of performance, in which mostly do not see or hear listeners. It is conceivable that a lecturer bother students, monopolize the flow of webinars and is not enough ready and not enough in interaction with participants. For that there is no real medicine, but it is not tied exclusively to webinars – these trainers are also on the all-day or days-long sessions. At webinars in this case a waste of time and investment participants are considerably smaller, and it is much easier to leave the monitoring of such sessions – with one click.

What is needed to monitor the webinar?

To participate in the webinar is enough to have computer with speakers and the average high-speed connection to the Internet. Microphone and headphone make the participation in the session easier and more comfortable, but not essential. For better technical solutions, it is not necessary to install anything on your computer, because the entire session takes place only via the web, through a common web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Chrome, etc.)
And always is a great time to learn something new and get some experience over the Internet.

Webinar is an ideal marketing tool that can find its application mostly in the areas of business where it is unavoidable to promote development strategy, where it is desirable to have direct communication with the client in an interaction.
This is the ideal solution for all companies that want to explain their potential members the working principle of their system, the products that are offered, as well as stimulating earnings that await them.

The ideal solution for the presentation of various books, lectures, foreign language schools, training healthy life, psychology, meditation training…
In one word this is perfect solution for all those who believe that the live presentation is what they need on the Internet.



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