How to conduct a passive job search

Passive job search is a broadly used strategy by many job seekers. Although recruiters and career counselors who not very fond of this technique, passive job hunting has advantages that can get you positive results in your effort to land a job in the finance field.

The most widely used technique of passive job search is posting your resume in job search engines. In doing so, you are not actively seeking new employment, but you post your resume online and wait for a new job opportunity to come to your door. For example, if you are happy with your current job position, you are not actively looking for a career change. But if your resume is posted online, you are a passive job seeker. Furthermore, you are more flexible because you already have a job, and you can think twice before replying to a hiring manager who likes your resume.

Here are some tips on how to conduct a passive job search effectively:

  1. Post your resume online both in major search engines and professional websites to gain great exposure, but also to get noticed by recruiters who don’t want to waste their time on big job boards.
  2. Narrow down your search in the finance industry, and in companies that you are interested in. Check out their corporate culture and job positions that match your skills and work experience to give a boost in your job hunting by returning relevant results. Target companies and job positions. Furthermore, you can target the level of salary you’re looking for as well as the location that you would like to work.
  3. Advertise your professional services in targeted places to attract the attention of experts and professionals in the finance field. For instance, if you are a financial advisor with a record of success in capital budgeting, post your resume and advertise your services. In addition, target finance experts who are likely to be interested in your services and contact you for an interview.
  4. Ask the help of a recruiter to target companies you are interested in the finance industry. Often, there are job openings that are not advertised on job search engines but are disclosed to recruiting companies. If you have a good recruiter who knows the market and has good contacts with several companies, you are more likely to get your name in front of the right people.
  5. Join networking events and distribute your business cards to the right people. The right people will remember who you are and where to find you if an employment opportunity comes up. Be careful with your references and select people that you can trust. Remember that you are not an active job seeker. Therefore, if you not 100% sure that a person will respect the confidentiality of your job search, do not approach them for a reference.
  6. Establish social networking presence by having accounts on major social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Especially, LinkedIn is more professional, and you will definitely get noticed by recruiters or prospect employers. Furthermore, with a LinkedIn profile you can contact the company you are interested in and send them out your resume to them.
  7. Always update your resume with new degrees, skills, and achievements. In doing so, your resume will be always up to date. In case a new employment opportunity arises, you will be ready to send your resume as soon as required.




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