How to find a job overseas

Globalization has brought about new employment opportunities that allow professionals from all over the world to broaden their horizons seeking for a job overseas. Especially, those who hold a finance degree and know foreign languages, are more likely to land a job in a foreign country.

Here are some helpful tips on how to find a job overseas:

Know what you’re looking for

Working overseas requires a thorough understanding of a foreign culture, adapting to the corporate culture of a foreign firm and, most importantly, knowing what you’re looking for. If you are considering a job overseas for the excitement of traveling abroad and being away from home, you are less likely to turn this endeavor into a rewarding experience. You need to have a specific goal to successfully pursue a career overseas and evaluate your skills and accomplishments to ensure you can be a great match for an international position.

Search online for opportunities abroad

There are numerous websites with listed vacancies overseas. Many international firms prefer using the Internet than the newspapers to post their listings because it is cheaper, quicker and more accurate. Narrow down your search and seek for job opportunities that match your skills and experience. You may also choose the place you would like to work. Two important considerations at this stage are a) citizenship or work eligibility requirements as not all foreign firms are willing to hire foreign employees; b) legitimacy of firms you are considering for employment as not all foreign firms are registered with the Better Business Bureau or the State Department.

Learn a foreign language

Interested in moving to Paris? Start taking French lessons. The idea is to build a new skill that can land you a job in the country of your preference. Furthermore, it is a great asset to put on your resume that you know a foreign language, especially when looking for a job overseas.

Keep on networking

Talk to people you trust about your decision to moving abroad. You may not have a broad circle of contacts, but if you have people who live abroad ask them about their experience. Contact foreign firms, attend international job fairs, and consult recruiters to get the most out of your job search. Network as much as possible to be as informed as possible before getting there.

Have a strong resume

A strong resume is essential in pursuing any job, but it becomes very important when looking to land a job overseas. International firms have a different corporate culture; foreign candidates need to convince their prospect employer that they are better equipped than a local worker. You have to prove to your French, German or British hiring manager that you possess stronger skills than a fellow candidate who is a native in the country. A strong resume along with a professional cover letter will help you address your skills to express your interest in a particular job overseas, but mostly to explain to prospective employers why you would be a good match to the firm.

Overall, landing a job overseas requires a good strategy. As with any job search, you need to be sure about what you’re looking for. Yet, when it comes to a career abroad, you need to readjust your job search strategy. Do not stress over losing job opportunities at home. Your decision is to work abroad, and even if it doesn’t prove ideal, you will gain an insight and a wholly new experience.




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