How to make a good first impression?

In contact with others, people often ignore the fact that in the first few seconds, we create a complete picture of someone without a word. The way a person performs, in the first few seconds, can have a greater impact than what is pronounced. For our environment, interact with other people we care most of what was said and we forget that body movements in those moments sent signals that speak louder than words. Although it may be wrong, the first impression to a large extent determines the future course and quality of communication. Every time the first time we see someone and meet him the first impression is formed, and this is a process that we cannot in any way take back and repeat. Keep that in mind the next time when you have to meet someone and remember: You only have one chance to make a good first impression!

Come on time!

If you are starting a career in a new company (the first day of a new job) or you are in a position to meet new people it is important to note that the crucial are first few seconds to make an impression. Therefore, if you’re late you’re missing your best few seconds. In the business world, time is priceless and no one likes to wait. If you arrive in time it will create an image about you as someone who has respect for other people and who appreciates the importance of time.

Also, it is not good to come too early. If this happens, especially if you arrive at someone’s office or in the house, you cannot disrupt his obligations that he had to meet with you, which will once again put you in a difficult position.
Get dressed appropriate and come forward with a smile!

When you arrive, the next thing that says a lot about you is your appearance. Although we learned that the suit does not make the man in this case the suit and the external appearance are one step forward, which takes you to a good first impression. First of all, do not be stiff and rigid, that give away that you are unsure. Of course, it is not advisable not to be completely relaxed because you will act unprofessionally. Be confident and open, so that people will realize that you are willing to accept new friends and you’re someone they can communicate. A smile says a lot about you; first of all, they will see confidence and optimism. Also, people react to smile with a smile; this is definitely something you want to achieve.

Handling and meeting!

When you come the second step is handling and meeting. Many people rate their associates and acquaintances in the way they shake hands, for example, how tight squeeze someone’s hand. Although it is not crucial, only one of the signals can direct people sloppy in some of your personality traits. Too strong grip tells you are a bully who is not able to weigh the strength or that you have someone who is overly confident and who likes to stand out without cause. If it is soft “squeezing” and only the tops of hands it can mean that you are selfish, you are not ready to cooperate with other people (you’re not a team player) or you are extremely distrustful. In any case, does not inspire confidence. One of the ways that would have left a positive impression of you is to shake hands with a full fist, squeezing just enough to include someone else and do not overdo it with the grip. The presentation is also important; the best way to do this is to clearly say your name so that people who you are meeting, don’t have to guess what you said.

Stay calm

You should come early to the interview to make yourself relaxed. It will bring you more confidence. This will also ensure a dialogue between you and the potential employer which will determine whether you suit to the company.

Show respect for company

View web pages of the company, read annual reports on the operations and all the press materials which can be reached. Show respect for the company.

Informal interview

Informal discussions may help to “break the ice” and formed a relaxed atmosphere. Also, be sure to avoid short “yes” and “no” answers.

Focus on the little things

Employers care about the smallest things. Therefore, be careful how you handle during an interview watch interlocutor in the eye, shake hands at the end of the interview. Nonverbal speech says a lot about your character and the message you want to “send”.

Show your knowledge

Come to the interview confident that you can be open to talk with a potential employer about how your previous experience can help in the current economic environment. Prepare at least two questions to ask your potential employer before the end of the interview. Ask about opportunities for career advancement and professional development, the last major business ventures or about company’s trends in the industry.

Show your enthusiasm

Even if you do not like what a potential employer offers, stay positive. Do not show nervousness and be sure to complete the interview level. You should give the impression that you really worked in the interview.

Themes that you shouldn’t start

It is the best to avoid themes like politics and religion are because they are sensitive and can hurt someone. Even if you are thinking you know a lot, maybe your opinion is not the same as employers so it can bring misunderstanding.

When you present yourself the words come at first and body language in the second plan. This will help with a positive attitude, politeness in speech and chat that make the situation less tense. Every situation is different and everything one could argue, but what we can definitely advise to you is to rely on your “common sense”. This will help you in every situation and adequately set to adapt in the most natural possible way.




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