How to stay focused on your career goals

Goal setting can help you get an interesting path in the finance field and advance your career to the next level. In larger firms, career objectives are on the same page with the organizational objectives, thus enabling the management and the employees to set common goals for the company and work together to achieve them. In smaller firms, career objectives may apply to your individual needs for career advancement, thereby adding value to the company. In both cases, goal setting is a powerful tool for your career, but you need to follow certain steps that can help you first figure out your career objectives and then stay focused on them.

The following are tips on how to stay focused on your career goals.

  1. Identify your career goals

Do you like specialization? Do you like to undertake challenging projects? Do you like responsibility? Are you flexible? Have you effectively applied time management? Would you be interested in a managerial position? Do you like working with people? All these questions can help you identify your career goals and determine exactly what you want from a finance position, why and how you can achieve it.

  1. Think of your skills and competencies

List your talents, skills, and competencies by including all the tasks you are good at, but also all the tasks that you feel afraid of doing in the workplace. You may be an expert in personal finance, thereby seeking for a career as a personal banker or a financial advisor. You may be afraid of quantitative finance. Put it on your list and seek for ways to overcome your stress over it. The process will help you have a clear picture of your working profile.

  1. Consider work-life balance

When identifying your career goals, make sure to consider work-life balance. Work-life balance is very important because you are required to play several roles during the day. You are an employee, a parent, a son or a daughter and so on. Most organizations recognize the importance of work-life balance and cultivate employees who are able to maintain such a balanced life.

  1. Decide on an action plan

To take your career to the next level you have to follow certain steps that can get you where you aspire to be. Develop an action plan and to stick to it by implementing your strategies as accurately as possible. On the other hand, you should be flexible enough to adjust your plan to potential changes in the workplace.

  1. Make your career exciting

Making your career exciting will motivate you to complete more tasks during the day and take more initiatives that may provide you with the utmost satisfaction. Of course, for each person, motivation and satisfaction are related to different factors, such as income, power, influence, variety, autonomy, recognition or just the happiness of working with others, being intellectually challenged, achieving career growth and feeling autonomous. No matter what your career goal is, make sure to lead a career that makes your job fascinating, rather than boring.

In conclusion, before setting your career goals, visualize where you want to be in the future and have a strong motivation to continue pursuing your goals. Whether you are interested in finding a new job or advancing in your current finance position, it is important to have clear




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