What your hobbies mostly say to the employers?

When you are on a job interview finally passed issues of which you are sweating palms and answer why you are just the right person for this position and what are your advantages over the other candidates, and the think that you “sailed into the harbor,” and that the journey is completed, employers often ask a seemingly innocuous question about your hobbies. It tells them a lot about the personality and characteristics of the candidate which are also important in performing work.

For most candidates, the question about hobbies is a long-awaited move to a relaxed chat with potential employers and breaking nervous. However, before you start talking about a card game with a neighbor, social networks, horse riding or songwriting, consider carefully what your answers will tell the person / people across you, for it shows personal characteristics that are important for future employment.

Some of your hobbies or interests, such as, for example, an organization of meetings / entertainment for the nearest, can show to the employer that you are the right person for the planning of certain business events. For this reason, it is very important to think hard about the list of hobbies, but don’t choose only those that you think are directly related to the job for which there is a possibility to be engaged, but present and seemingly irrelevant aspects of your life.

Here are a few examples in which your hobby can show to the employer the additional skills and abilities that you have:

1. That you are a team-oriented

Have on mind that many jobs require teamwork and support of colleagues; it is good to specify the activities of the private life of which you refer to as a “team player.” For example, playing indoor soccer or volunteering on certain projects is saying about you as a person who is ready to be an important link in the chain.

2. To have leadership skills

If you are president of the tenants in the building or the reading club at the local library, it is enough that the employer sees that you are a person who is willing to take the initiative to get the job that he was entrusted to do it the right way.

3. To actively work on improving your skills

In choosing the most appropriate candidate for a particular job, is very important to the employer that it is a person who, when is stimulated in the right way, fully prepared to expand his knowledge and skills. Sometimes it is enough to emphasize that, as an avid fisherman, regular follow all the news from the world of fishing, purchasing new equipment and constantly apply new knowledge in this field, and it’ll just be one of the indicators, you might be the right person for the position that is offered.

4. Are you versatile?

If all your activities do not end when the after-hours you get home, but you’re going to socialize with friends, visiting different courses or go to sporting activities, the employer will be clear that you are a person who is able to build good relationships with colleagues, which is curious, constantly searching for new solutions and can contribute to an innovative business approach and new ideas.


5. To strive for the achievement of the set target

Every employer is flattered that his team has an employee who does not give up easily and is focused on achieving business results. For example, if the announcement of bad weather threatens to spoil you a BBQ with friends in the countryside, and you get down to work and do the bare lawn a makeshift awning, large enough that no one gets wet and that lunch is ready, it can be a clear signal to the employer you are able to find alternative solutions to reach your goals, do not give up easily and that you have no unsolvable situation.

6. They want to know that you are passionate.

When you show that you have a passion for something, you actually show that you are able to enjoy what you are doing.

7. They want to know that you are focused on the job.

It is good to have plans for your own business and work on them in the spare time, but you do need to tell a future employer, even when your ideas have nothing to do with the sphere of business in which the company deals.

8. They want to know that you actually have any other interests.

When a person has no other interests outside of work, the employer becomes suspicious. Maybe you’re a workaholic, but even that is not always the ideal profile of a candidate that employers are looking for.

Therefore, we bring you three hobbies that you can use to develop important skills that will be a great highlight on your CV.

My Blog

1. Blogging

When you apply for a job, there is a chance that you potential employers’ Google you. One of the best ways to increase the chances that you are invited to a job interview is to stand out during this phase, and that you will do the best if you have a blog and maintain it a professional and you are present on social media.
Show that you have an active and interesting life outside the office, remember that bloggers are more likely to be noticed by employers and they will offer them a job, without the tedious process of applying for a job. Also, since the boss can immediately see some of your skills, from design blog to writing.
Do not ignore the fact that the blog provides insight into your personality. This is important because employers often at the end choose between several similar candidates, and will choose the one they like it so much that can be thought of as friends with the new employee.

Your blog should be professional (do not post photos that you would like to see your parents, and do not quarrel with the commentators), but you should show that you are smart, motivated and interesting.

2. Travel

If you’ve just returned from a trip to Asia or have spent half a year working for a humanitarian organization in Africa, be sure to highlight in your resume and job applications.
You were traveling, whether you are here now and you’re ready for new victories. And therefore there is no need to hide how you spent your time.
Once the trip was considered unserious, until now it is considered as a smart addition. In other words, the time you have spent hiking or visiting cities of Eastern Europe, it will be very desirable in employment.
Employers need skilled workers who feel comfortable when they are surrounded by other cultures and are not afraid to go into the unknown and explore new things.
If you have planned and financed the trip (or during it and lead finance), then you probably have good organizational skills, and you have the money.

3. Team Sports

Participation in a team sport or activity, such as soccer or volleyball, deepens the personal feeling of importance and significance. But it also means that you know to work well with others in the field, but also outside it.
In sport, you can also learn how to focus on the goals of the group, even if it means that you go at the expense of your own.
These activities will teach devotion (because you couldn’t, like in the gym, go whenever you do to work out because the others will depend on you), a quality that is appreciated by all employers.

Finally, it should be noted that if a job interview indicates that you have no hobby, this employer may be an indication that you are a person who does not have “the exhaust valve” or activities that will help to regenerate and recharge batteries, which is necessary to give maximum on the workplace. That’s why we go back to the beginning – your activities that have no direct connection with the job the best way to show the employer what you will be in the workplace and the need to pay particular attention.



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