When is the right time for changing job?

If you caught yourself to continually complain about your job and get up moody and grumpy you have to work in, it’s time to ask yourself whether it might be time for a change. What is thereby important is to discover what is important to you personally in the workplace and what specifically bothers you. Also, objectively consider all of your complaints and assess whether they are constant and unchangeable.

To help yourself, we suggest you rank the proposed list of questions and write down how many questions you can answer in the affirmative when it comes to the current position:
– satisfaction with salary
– a good relationship with colleagues
– correct superiors
– opportunity for advancement
– the possibility of personal development and learning
– job security
– respect for the official working hours
– independence
– bonuses and other benefits
– compliance tasks to your personality
– creativity
– responsibility
– a sense of belonging to the company
– clearly defined work tasks and goals
– the possibility of expressing their skills and potentials
– recognition and praise for a well-done job
– recognition by the superior as workers and as human
– respect for your opinions and ideas


So, it is important to be realistic and not ask for the impossible. If the highest ranked items you do not recognize at the present job, think about what you can do by yourself to help you to be better without changing the job. Only when you make sure that you give your best, and that things still are not moving to better engage in finding a better job.

How to “refresh” your workplace?

Ask yourself what might inspire you, what you can do to improve your character and your own praises, be open to the extent that you previously feared to be. Share with colleagues something about yourself that will bring you closer, propose new activities and projects, engage yourself, and give your best at work. Be completely in the job, think outside the scope of your basic duties and you will see what will happen and do you feel different.
Try to study your colleagues and notice their good qualities. Tell them that.
Tips for avoiding mistakes when you change the job

Remember, at work, we spend a third of our time and if you are unhappy means you’ll be unhappy one-third of your day and it is unacceptable. But before you finally decide to change your job, be sure that it comes to business and everything else related to the job, as you suspected. Thoughtless changing working places may have an adverse effect on your business reputation. Before you make any step in this direction do your best to correct the situation and only then bring the final decision.

Our advice is to not quit a job, no matter how unhappy until you find new employment. The competition is huge at the moment in the field of employment, but it can happen that a job search is taking a little longer, so it can bring you financial problem.
Think carefully about what kind of job you want, as if you already changing the workplace, you cannot afford the luxury of finding again the same problems as the previous one. Assess what your preference are, would you do the job with love and can the nervousness interference in your daily business activities be at a minimum, and then take the concrete steps.

Here’s a “painless” way to make an introduction to the change of working environment:

Let it be your secret

Do not talk among colleagues about your desire to change the job. There is always the possibility that such information comes to your boss, which can be uncomfortable. You should always bear in mind that looking for a new job may fail, and you’ll be forced to continue to work in the same company, so it is important to be discreet.

Do not use a computer at work to search

You never know whether the employer follows outgoing e-mails, so do not apply for grants that are interesting to you. Another reason is that a prospective employer would not be interpreted you use the office computer to complete the private commitments.

Don’t avoid your job

Whenever possible, interviewing for a new job try to schedule after work. Once when you start often to get away from work under various pretexts, the employer may suspect that you want to leave it.

Contributes about the success of the company, no matter what you want to change

Be fair to the end and do not let your productivity fall at the current workplace, no matter you are looking for a new job. You never know, you may have to bring a raise and a promotion, and you can change your mind.

Make sure who do you trust

If you are looking for a recommendation that would assist you in presenting future employer, consider who you will look for. In order not to spread the story by companies that are looking for a new job, looking for a recommendation from individuals who have a lot of trusts, and who are sufficiently at strong position to have the strength of their recommendations. It is better to not have a recommendation than get it from the wrong person.

If you think that your current job is good, but you can find a better well consider all the conditions of leaving the old business and getting the new one. Ask your employer about the future and think carefully about the responsibilities that you could have in this business and that you’re able to fill it. Except you like your new potential job, you should know whether you are able to do it and will your employers be satisfied with you. It is very important that both sides are satisfied that you don’t come in a situation of looking for a third job.

Therefore, consider carefully and only when you get to answer the question is that job for you (because everything is not for everyone) start with the search. So it is not impossible to enjoy your work just it’s important that you know what you want.



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