Corporate use of social media

Social media are the kind of web sites through which is easily possible to merge modern Internet technology with the user’s interaction.
Basic features of social media users are simple participation (engagement, interaction) and content that users generate. The importance of content that users generate reflected in the fact that social media are becoming stronger (influential) with increasing content users (for example, Wikipedia).

Recently, quality corporate communication is highlight and therefore everyone should without fear systematically work on corporate reputation. About all aspects of the corporation it is amounted thinking, attitudes and conclusions independent of the corporate engagement. Therefore it is better to join it on time and participate in the construction of opinions, attitudes and conclusions both at local and global levels. With the attitude that you will easily do it you refuse people from yourselves and the people who boost business because if they get the impression that you do not care about corporate reputation, why would they care!? Yes, you have to start with yourself and your employees. Internal communication is the base that builds strategy online appearances.
Corporations and their brands that are grappling with negative content on social media, and are working to improve deficiencies in the long run will benefit and continue to grow. Any information that the corporation finds on social media is important, it should be classified, and occasionally carry out statistical surveys to see what aspects of business people mostly complain at.

When a company, regardless of whether we are talking about the brand, an international organization or a political party, understands what social media essentially brings to society, then they can properly use these social media tools. And what is the essence? Primarily, a positioning individuals to argue, to influence on the products and services they use, without filters, mainly in the form of either a PR managers from the companies by itself that have filtered information or media who were mediators in this process. The active role of the individual is something for almost big, because they have a greater feeling of control, and therefore the use of social media.
It is important to note that those who equate social media with social networks are very wrong: Social networks represent only one segment of a much wider set of social media.
The biggest advantage of social media and cause a huge popularity of certain services this type. At the same time it is the biggest problem:
Ease of use – Everyone can use social media, so the appearance of overcrowding is everyday thing.

The true two-way communication – Generally speaking, a small number of people possess of the actual culture of conversation (in addition to providing information, they need and receive) as simply “listen but do not hear” what they are talking or write.
For these reasons the use of social media for achievement of the company objectives is such a big problem in the world.

Using of social media for realizing the set of goals of the company (corporate use of social media), in communication perspective, is thinking and creating of implement different methods of communication via the selected social media, which result in generating publicity. With using of advanced social media company has the ability to establish and manage the entire spectrum of activity of corporate communications.
As there are obviously a very large number of very different kinds of social media, and on the other hand the aim of using social media in corporate purposes is basically the use of a large number of social media, ask the following basic questions:
– Is it sufficient to use only one social media (for example, Facebook)?
– Is it necessary to study and use all known social media?
– How much is needed to use these media (whether, for example, using 9 or 15 social media means that it was done “strategy optimization social media”)?

Given that this area is very broad and that it takes a lot of learning and practice to properly use different social media, it is necessary to define the framework of which the organization will operate in the field of communication through social media:
– Social Media Optimization Framework
– Defining goals
– Identifying and researching the competition
– The analysis of the chosen social media
– The selection of the communicators (the persons who will use particular social media)
– The education about the use of social media chosen
– Content creation plan for the particular social media
– Visual identity usage, related to the rules of the particular social media
– Communication plan creation for the particular social media
– Communication plan deployment
– Evaluation (real-time)

Problems in practice the use of social media
A large number of social media does not have enough visiting that would have significant benefits use of these media. The reason for this is the fact that a small number of Internet users real use of participation as a way of using the Internet. For this reason it is virtually mandatory use of the service like Google Trends for Web Sites are which provide insight into the size of the queues of visitors of different websites.
Depending on whether social media is used for promotion of known or unknown brands, ways of gaining positive effects of social media can be completely different (Social Media Optimization Matrix).

The biggest problem of using social media is correct conversation via different types of these services. The recommendation is that people should use the services of social media first independent (not the company) to learn how to use a particular social media.
Uses of social media

Different social media create very different effects. Depending on the goals of the company, some social media are used more and some less, or not used at all.
In relation to the objectives of the company, the question of whether the company will gain more by making specific content to promote other people’s services, and will use its resources.

Certain types of social media can bring substantially improve online reputation and visibility (for example, Wikipedia).
Some social media can enhance gathering and conversation with the target groups (Social networks).

Some social media bring more visitors and improve rating on search Web sites and blogs.
For these reasons it is necessary to examine in what is possible to do for the company through a variety of social media, and how to achieve it. The best way for the adoption of these skills is to monitor the world’s best practice in the use of social media.




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