How to attract the attention of employers?!

CV is the most flexible and convenient way to apply for an open position. It contains personal information organized in a way that you represent in the best light. On the labor market, CV represents a marketing tool to sell yourself. Since it can be used to apply in several different positions, large companies often have their own apps that apply to open position.

The basic difference between a CV and application of a company is in the fact that the application requires a personalized approach of making and writing information which is of importance for the company you are applying for.
The truth is that there is no single correct way and making a CV. This is your document and can be organized the way you want. Did you know that you are more likely to be called for an interview if you make your resume according to the needs of the employer? If in yours biography highlights those items that are sure to attract the employer and remove all those working experience and knowledge that are not relevant to the position you are applying for, you will have more chance to get a job.

The situation on the employment market is such that for each position apply dozens and even hundreds of candidates, following a few tips it can help you to really stand out “from the masses” and make that a potential employer notice you.

1. Highlight your qualities, not only interests

Interests, which are usually part of every CV, represent what you love to do, but do not what you know to do. If for example, specify that you love music, you are in the same basket with 90 percent of the world population, but if you highlight that you know how to play a particular instrument or write songs and that thanks to these qualities, you know a lot of people, it will be much more important information to the employer. This will be a signal that you are an active person, who does not meet the average, in this case only by listening to music that you are communicative, and you can use your skills in the right way.

2. Make sure your CV is not a general

For one job often apply about hundreds of candidates to the employers and often they read the contest of received curricula vitae. How would your CV really caught the eye, it is necessary, in accordance with the working position you are applying for to put in the first plan your qualities that can help in performing tasks on your position. If IT professional looking for a job in the foreground should be his skills and work experience in that field, not your birth date, finishing school or marital status.

3. Connect with the people

Sometimes a good job does not always get the best quality and the most talented people, but people with good connections. To be ready to react in these situations too, the first “highlight” the company that you would like to do, so make sure you know someone from the staff. It is now easy enough to do, in the era of the expansion of social networks. If you do not even know anyone, the second step is the same way you can see if any of your friends have a friend in the target companies, who could testify your qualities. Of course, the precondition for all this is that you are really qualified for the job, not to use your acquaintances for other purposes.

4. Be persistent

Do not wait for the company where you want to do the bidding and like that come to work in it. Send to HR managers your CV and other documentation that confirms your quality that could use a target company. So they will be at all times within sight like a person who can help them in improving the quality of work or solving certain problems. If anything, maybe one of their business partners looks for workers, you can get good recommendations.

5. Do not sit idly, gain experience

Volunteer work in the for-profit company with a fellow student or high school days, different work practices, or freelancing, are work experience and in many cases may be a greater recommendation for the employer than your education. Therefore, when you do not have a job, do not sit idly, but activate yourself. Try to do what you know, regardless of whether you’ve paid for it, study more and it will help you in employment or change job.

6. Demonstrate that you care

The employer always prefers to receive e-mail or a cover letter when someone applies that are not copy / paste, but that it is evident that it is intended directly to him. It is, therefore, helpful, in addition to the text, which must adjust to every employer and which should see you’ve met some good company and do not send the same letter to everyone, even put the logo of the company you are talking to.

7. Make from interviews relaxed conversation, instead of the audition

The employer is certainly important for your ability to work, but you are still the person who needs him to spend at least 40 hours per week and it will, therefore, be important to some people and you’re a communicative and interesting person. During a job interview, do not suppress spontaneity, don’t laugh, and you may be on top in the final selection of workers.

8. Accept the failure as an integral part of life

In most cases to the final success, it mostly comes in a roundabout way, a little bit come to it overnight. So it is not the end of the world if the first step does not get your dream job. Accept and business that may not have been the object of your interest, but look at it as a springboard towards what you’ve always wanted.




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