How to give or accept criticism

No one was easy to hear criticism of your account, and giving feedback to others we enjoy only when they are positive. But giving “bad” feedback is also very useful and helps us to see their mistakes, we do to ourselves and move forward as people in any segment.
If you are an entrepreneur or a proud owner of a narrow niche in the market, so no one shares tips and lessons what should you do, sooner or later, possibly in several occasions during the working week, you will have the opportunity to deal with that if someone criticizes your work.

In some large companies if the day passes without a single criticism was literally a day to celebrate: if you keep quiet, it means that the work is done well! So, whether you’re in the position to manage people, whether you are a team member, criticism is an integral and inevitable part of the everyday routine.
It would be ideal that all bosses trained in leadership, and painless transfer of knowledge through targeted questions and a lot of understanding, encouragement, and support, but this is unfortunately not the case. The general thinking is that ideas without execution are not worth much, and carrying out is the weakest link in all meridians, not only with us. Therefore, be prepared for situations in which you need to act wisely. Keep in mind that all people are humans and that it can happen that original plan, the idea of discreet and non-personal criticism fails.


Be prepared. We will show you how.

If you give feedback

Knowing of giving feedback (feedback devoid of conviction) very well know and use parents with children and friends when they want to help a friend. This technique can provide you need them if you are a manager, and it is in your job description that, with the decision and guidance, help your staff to solve the problem or perform a task better, but also if you are part of a team and focused on each other. This means that you notice rather than abstain how someone “has no idea” (and perhaps, slows down and your work or influence on the overall result of your department) at your disposal soft management techniques and teaching.

A leader is one who listens carefully without assessment and trials; it is there to encourage and set new challenges, but also to bring you fresh ideas, help to advance without having to make decisions for you and helps you gain confidence. In our companies, where mentor and leader are not part of the workplace, this role is very often the one who introduces you to the job – someone who knows how to transfer knowledge, and the patient is. The same might be you are a newly arrived worker in the company.
In any case, sooner or later you will be able to contribute to the work reinvigorated, things have gone downhill stopped, and giving and receiving feedback is a mandatory part of training necessary for the development of skills and behavior change. Since the change in behavior is a very delicate process, if you want to influence someone, you must be very careful not to get their advice provoked resistance and only a defensive reaction.
“Sandwich approach”

Here is an example of how a good “sandwich approach” consisting of a compliment, mentoring and support, look like:
“You’ve really done an extraordinary thing with this essay,” How to be fair to the people “- all were impressed! In the future, it would be better to avoid leading the names of people who did not follow the methods that you propose. It’s great that you thought deeply about this and it’s sure that will many people benefit from the essays. “

In ordinary life it would look like this: if you have a bunch of white laundries that has to be washed at the end of your well-intentioned little sister get things painted in pale pink, it is essential that the first place you say something is positive. For example, “I appreciate your efforts to help with the laundry …”. The next step (it is important to hold harmless and do not use the word OR. Instead, say “next time it will be better if …” Present the facts calmly.

Leading and mentoring would consist of: “let me show you how to sort that that next time we do not have these red socks.
Now, after the initial praise, when you help your players to “get to second base,” and put forward practical criticism, and caused you a little mental anguish (although you have been gentle) and it should urgently remove the following praise or a projection of future (successful! ) results. For example: “It’s great to have another pair of hands to help. This is going to stay more time to play after dinner.”
When you give feedback, it is important that every time you stay positive, because otherwise, the result will absent. And do not forget to practice it every time!

If you are criticized

Best to come from the fact that – when you accept a job or task, certainly not all go smoothly. If you are confident that everything will go smoothly, you cheat yourself: you will make mistakes, it is certain. What is important is to learn from them.
Therefore, for their part are doing a double check, read before you send, pass once again through all the items carefully.

If someone criticized you do not take criticism personally. Remember that if someone criticizes does not necessarily mean that you cannot stand, or you’re not good enough for the job. Probably your boss really just trying to make you do your job the best you can.
Listen carefully. If you ignore the important moments, you are doomed to repeat mistakes. This is perhaps the most difficult possible because you have to forget about your ego.
Do not sulk. If you continue to be angry or upset by the criticism, it can affect how you will continue to perform the work. Put criticism in parentheses, and focus on the fact that next time you do your job the best you can!




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