How to write a resignation and opt for this step?

Changing job is a very important decision that can sometimes determine further career development. However, consider carefully whether it is in your case like that. There are a lot of reasons why to stay at your job or why not change the position. But, on the other hand there are those who force you to another decision – to quit. This decision should never be taken lightly, and neither should be easy to access making this decision, consider carefully, “weigh” the pros and cons and only then you can go into action.
You still “only” have to resign, and say goodbye to colleagues. The process that follows as a result of dismissal, it is often harder than making your own decisions about the act.
When you finally say to the employer that you will no longer work in the company, it does not mean that you can happily leave work immediately: follow your notice period, which is defined in the employment contract and the law, and that may be unpleasant than the period when you are normally employed.

As you are professionally related while you are working in the company, the act of cancellation must be carried out in a thoughtful way that will not jeopardize your career even further established contacts.

What are good reasons for changing a job?
Career prospects – if you feel that on the existing position you do not have more to learn, that you cannot make progress, but you have the ambition and the potential for further development, it is probably time to look for a new job. In this case, try to find a job that will initially provide a higher position, higher powers and new challenges or will simply placed you in a position to eventually get somewhere. However, before you make your final decision, talk to your boss or supervisor about the possibilities of changing jobs within the company or increase your duties and responsibilities within the current workplace.
Higher wages and significant benefits- of course it is an issue of salaries, but before the decision to terminate, take into account other benefits that you may have it now or not, and they are very important to you. This may be the use of official cars, mobile phones, health and retired insurance and so on. Also, it is essential to the existence and duration of the holiday, the attitude to overtime or something similar. Reflect on whether you current or future company provides a chance for improvement in the sense that you are sent on courses, seminars etc. In addition, there may be a possibility that the current boss or supervisor talk about the amount of your salary.

The working atmosphere – Compare current work environment and assume that you will be in the future workplace. We all know that, on the workplace, very important things are relationships with colleagues, relations with superiors, including the general conditions of work pertaining to office equipment and space that needs to be comfortable to work.
Failure in comply with human rights and your rights as an employee – unpaid wages, workplace harassment, denial of the right to rest and similar forms of mobbing in principle reasons for changing workplace.

Think carefully before you make a decision
However, before you quit, you always have to think about the obligations that you have towards the employer. Are there any periods that you can quit? They need to be respected. Do you have sign contract at a certain time? Do you have responsibilities and tasks in progress? They should always be completed before the final departure from the company, to be fair to the employer.

In addition, do not use the blackmail of dismissal. Maybe you really are worthy company and would not want to lose you, you might think that this will achieve a higher salary or other benefits. Sometimes it might work or, in general, know that everyone is replaceable and that you are playing with his position. In the end, with blackmail you only exacerbates relationships with people you work with. And if you’ve definitely decided to quit, here are some tips on how to do it and how to write a job.
How to write a resignation

Form resignation
– Cancellation takes the form of a business letter – the letter should be formal, brief and polite. You never know when you will need a former employer, especially if you expect to make a recommendation
– Turn to the employer’s last name because you show him respect
– Signature – finished the letter with a greeting “With respect,” and your signature.
– Envelope – Letter glue or seal it in an envelope, address to your employer and deliver it to him, or ensure that it is delivered
Content resignation
– The purpose of the letter – Bring immediately the purpose of the letter – that you are quitting
– Indicate the date from which it is in force, and from what date you are no longer employed in that company
– Thank for their cooperation – even though you may not be satisfied working in the company, bring some positive impressions about your experience there; you have no reason to make enemies
– Indicate if you are willing to help the company to find a replacement. Maybe they can recommend someone or assist in training new workers who need to take your place
– The reason for leaving the company can, but also do not have to be stated. In any case, do not endlessly explain their possible dissatisfaction with company, or where you now work, what will there be higher wages and the like. Hold on a short, clear and cultural explanations, such as, for example: Due to the inability to progress to a higher hierarchical position in this company, I decided to look for a job elsewhere.
Expect your employer will invite you to an interview. Prepare for that possibility, as well as the possibility that he might be displeased to see you go. In any case, keep the conversation on a decent level.

If you are still unsure of your decision, think weather is really time to change your job.



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