Why sometimes it takes longer to find a suitable job ?

Probably all of us know a large number of people that in the last five years have changed job and in a couple of days they already started to receive offers for other work. Probably you also know a lot of people who easily change their jobs; on the other hand you have a huge number of unemployed people who cannot find a job for years. What is the problem?
How the employers could not find from a thousand of candidates one that suits them?

You had the opportunity to see the failed job advertisements where appear on hundreds, or even thousands of people, and at the end the employer does not find the appropriate person. These cases take a lot of time to everyone, they are very expensive for the company, and the results are often not what they expected. In these cases usually happened following scenarios:
Applicants for the job are just forwarding their generic CV.
Before applying, just few of them have examined in detail exactly what is required from skills for a specific job, details about company, in which way the company employs, what they require of candidates for the job…

Most of the people that apply for the job do not make an analysis of the potential business positions. The best advice is to look to the details at what skills they are looking for in particular demand on the financial positions that are related to your knowledge and skills, or even better to prepare you with the skills and knowledge of specific business positions. A business positions and required skills you have defined on sites such as LinkedIn.

Why cannot everybody have a higher salary, while some people you know still have?

The basic rule of the times in which we live and where is a real labor market is:
If it is the greater the number of people who can work a particular job, the job is poorly paid (it is in case, for example, with jobs in a shop or stores, bakeries, boutiques …). Conversely, if you have more knowledge and skills that are in demand in specific business positions and that many people do not have – wage is higher (provided that there is a need for such jobs).

Salaries depend on:
– What specific knowledge do you have for a specific job,
– How much are you independent in this business,
– Are you able to independently manage the other employed persons,
– How much are you responsible for the work that you do,
– Do you take responsibility for new and unfamiliar tasks,

Believe it or not, the situation that exists in most countries of the world is that companies, because of the lack of adequate manpower, often agree to hire persons who do not have adequate knowledge but clearly have the skills that will enable them to get necessary knowledge. The question is how you can come into this category if you do not have enough practical knowledge (for objective reasons). Learn to think effectively

The reason why a large number of people very hard get a chance to work in companies that are actively looking for adequate business position lies in the fact that most people have a problem with, the so-called, personal skills or soft skills.
There are a large number of personal skills, but the most important are those skills that contribute to the rapid advancement of knowledge, effective decision making, problem solving, etc. All of these skills are the basis of an analytical system of thinking.

Introduction to analytical skills

If you look at the growing number of modern business location, you will notice that in many professions there is an addition – analyst: Business Analyst, Software Analyst, PPC / SEO Analyst, Financial Analyst … It is no accident, as the practice shows that the largest number of companies hire to employees who have well-developed analytical skills. Some of the skills that are in the domain of analytical thinking and decision-making are:
Systems thinking (especially the deployment of things and events in relation to their importance)
Critical thinking (especially objectively thinking)
Solving simple and complex problems (emphasis on independent problem solving)
Convenience and productivity (especially the sense of improving productivity)
Easy decision-making on the basis of available information (emphasis on taking responsibility)

The most important component of the analytical way of thinking is the knowledge, how to separate the important from the less important in any matter or transaction, and the knowledge of how to deploy the things and events in relation to their importance.
The problem of the large number of people is the way of thinking and their inability to perceive matter they are studying the most important details, or to focus on what matters most, and that base on that grade system knowledge in a certain field.
The biggest problem in solving problems of importance and unimportance in a matter is subjective opinion of an individual. In any business it is important to objectively observe things, especially in the context of meeting the needs of clients. You cannot ever find out what your customers really want from you if you are focused on yourself.
It’s not so important how something works, in relation to why something works!

It is important to know to use certain skills for a particular job, or that you know how to do a particular job. If you focus only on your business and how you do the job, you can achieve mastery in your work. You will get all skills that will put you to the top of every list of the jobs. With that knowledge, job that you want will not be far away from you. Moreover, you will have a lot of offers that you will not know what to do and what to choose. But this is much better situation then the one you were at the beginning of the story.



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