How to improve cooperation with the boss?

The fact is that on the way to management positions we must open many doors, many times to act properly and wisely, tactically and conscientiously. There’s no business that does not suffer too much turbulence, even the most stressful, such as journalism, requires a good plan, concept, and excellent time management. And even when things are running smoothly, it is important that on your way, as soon as possible, eliminate obstacles that may arise in the development of relations with the boss: the people are the core of every business. Remember that you and your boss need to be – a team on the same task. To determine how to establish a good relationship, ask yourself the following questions:
“Who is my boss and what is he expects from me?”

Is your boss a person who is happy if you achieved a good result and do not inquire much further than that, or he is inclined to engage in every detail of your job? This is important because if the boss overwhelmed with all possible details of the task, and he just expects from you to do the tasks, both of you will soon be frustrated. Also, can you feel that your boss does not care how much and hard you have worked on the project, but this is usually not the case: the boss that is a result-oriented assumes that you will conscientiously and diligently do all the preparatory research, otherwise you would not have entrusted the project. So he cares about the final outcome. If you understand this at the beginning of the game, both of you will be satisfied with the cooperation.

There are not many lucky ones who have a boss that clearly and unambiguously indicate the goals and do not leave him in a dilemma as to what exactly is expected of them. At all the others the focus is on what is obviously their work and they strived to perform these tasks as best they can, hoping that they “hit a nerve” and the boss will be satisfied. What can you do? If your supervisor is fascinated with the details, send him a draft of what you think that are possible expectations, and ask him to give you feedback and approval to act accordingly to that. If he is one of those who don’t like when he sees the more paper, try to in an informal conversation (or series of conversations that you initiate) learn more about your roles and responsibilities. Feel free to write down what you learn and follow that looking to work in accordance with what the boss outlined as a goal.

Take notes about tasks.

If your boss comes with advises and interrupts you, and has a tendency to examine every detail, and after the completion of the task is never satisfied with the results, it can impact on your confidence. The good news is that it is not difficult to keep him at a safe distance: take notes about your productivity and daily duties. Regardless of the boss, it is not bad that in the everyday habit you insert your own list of tasks and priorities and that record the requests coming from the boss. If you get into the situation where your boss tells you to do one thing and then asks you to do something else, you will have in front of you a document on the basis of which you will be able to ask what you should do and what should be the first thing you have to focus on, and you will not get confused.

Do I help my boss to achieve his goals?

You will be more helpful to your boss if you find out at the time what he or she wants to achieve. If you know more about these specific goals, it will help you better to understand the direction in which your department is going. Using this information, it will be easier to you to act proactively. Help him to recognize you as an outstanding member of the team and how your boss is climbing the corporate ladder, you will too.
Face to the fact that, if your boss has a good reputation, you and your department will have too. You should always find ways to make your boss is satisfied. If you have some ideas about how to correct the work of your department, let him know, but let it be a private conversation without confrontation. Find out at what time he is in the best mood and look for a meeting with him. If your proposals lead to improvements, you will gain credibility which can only help you in the business. Once you start to act like this, you will find that you are more partner your boss than subordinates. And as a partner, it will happen that a boss entrusts you more responsibility. Try. You may like when you change roles and begin to “manage” with your own boss and “supervise” this relationship as you supervise the project.

Feel free to ask him or her to tell you sometimes how he/she made his business success because it is very likely that it will expect the same from you. People, whose talent is encouraged and developed, will most always open doors for talented and creative collaborators, regardless of where they come from. On the other hand, those whose business path went in other ways, through participation in political life, organizations, and clubs, will less appreciate the fact that you prove your work, talent and dedication to the job. This can cost you a lot: if you are going in the wrong way through the forest, you will be hard rewarded and promoted. If you are in the wrong forest, our advice is to go to the point where the stay on the job is good for you or until you master all the secrets of the job. With those qualifications, you will faster find the next job, then if you are a beginner.



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