What should you not do in the workplace?

After all the effort to find a job and a necessary period of adaptation that has to pass so you could sit completely relaxed at your workplace, usually come a period when you organize your responsibilities by yourself and you know well enough tasks that you may change the system by which things work. If you know how to keep the level of responsibility and a sense of what is needed to be done, the less you will decline in the template of “bad” worker and it will be easier to avoid everything that you shouldn’t do.

The way of making business has changed. With increasing privatization, giving salaries to staff members from “your own pockets” it is imposed a new way in which the worker is motivated to greater productivity. In addition to higher wages, there are also various “luxuries” that makes us faster, more accessible, more competent and for sure more satisfied. We all easily and quickly get use on these stuffs, the only question is do we know to value that and what we are willing to do to get these things.

First and foremost is that you need to carry out your business obligations. If you do not do your job, then your place is just not there. If you’re responsible and you perform your duties, you should pay attention to your behavior. You have to respect rules prescribed by the company itself. Some of the unwritten rules can make a big difference in your career.

Relations with the employer and collective

Have respect for your boss. Business contact between the employee and the employer must be based on mutual respect and understanding. Remember that your employer has a responsibility within the company hierarchy, you must respect. Never promise to someone you will do something, relying on your friendship with the employer. Do not allow yourself to indulge in criticism of your boss in front of the whole collective, and the manner in which you express your disrespect. Bring your criticism with arguments and, if it’s necessary, expose him alone. Be grateful for what you are providing and from time to time tell that to your boss.

Respect for the collective, the employer and staff are one of the items that are very desirable and if you are prone to conflict you will disturb the working atmosphere and reduce productivity all around. We mean on the gossip at work, although at first sight, it seems harmless it can create confusion when you retell who worked what and why. Gossip can embarrass you so you can lose the trust of everyone around and thus your credibility because gossip can be detrimental to morale, and it impacts badly on work habits and productivity.


Be willing to cooperate. Teamwork requires cooperation among many people; therefore, don’t do all the work by yourself. Do not only look at your own business, as no one else is there. The responsibility lies on teamwork to every member of that team. If you opt out of work, it means that you didn’t help anyone and maybe you could and responsibility that is yours, you switch to another. Each has its own framework of the job description or, but if it’s necessary, it is desirable to help others, although sometimes, their job has nothing with you. On the other hand, you should not be set up as you know everything, to do what you don’t know and be at a place where you do not belong. You need to find a measure in helping others.

Listen to the people you work with. Sometimes it is very important to express your attitude and their opinions on a topic rather than “keep silent and suffer.” The people we work with have the same need, as we expect them to help us and hear us, we should also find in a position to listen. Be kind to your colleagues, regardless of their position in the company, and respect their opinions even if your opinion differs from theirs. If a conflict arises as a conflict between different motives and interests, it needs to overcome it with the common solving of the clearly formulated problem, mutual respect, listening without interrupting. Do not allow yourself to indulge in criticism of colleagues without realistic needs and let it be on a constructive way, it is not our aim to offend someone.

Teamwork is very important for the company, mutual respect in the collective ensures higher productivity and a healthier atmosphere in which you work. If it happens to you to form a conflict situation with someone, do not solve mutual problems in front of everyone (except there is a good reason for that). It is best to do it somewhere where you will have privacy and be able to solve alone in the “four eyes”. In this way, you will present unpleasant situation in which you have brought “witnesses” of misunderstanding.

Do not transfer the blame to the others. Do not just look for excuses for things that are not done well or transfer the blame to the others. Be realistic and evaluate the things such as they are. For everything, there is an explanation, and none of you asks you to be immaculate but it is important to be self-critical because the only way you can learn is from mistakes and thus to improve and develop.

Do not disturb others while they work. Misconduct behavior in the office in where you spend your working day is also disturbing and you should not do it. Loud music, constantly talking and asking questions annoy your colleagues. Nobody is asking you to work in the “sterile” conditions, but be considerate to the needs of other people.


Do not be late. Working hours are regulated for a reason and you should stick to it, thus suggesting its respect for, primarily, to the employer and colleagues. After all, why would you sleep longer than the others? You are responsible for how much you sleep and therefore how much you will be rested for the day in front of you. So if it happens that at some reason you come tired to work, find the strength and concentrate on the job in order to withstand the end of work. Sleeping on the job also is not desirable.

Do not be rude. At the workplace absolutely should not exist ugly words, swearing, verbal and physical account. Avoid quarrels and nervousness. Do not slam the door when you leave the room just because you’re angry. If you have a problem, try to solve it in a peaceful, aggression will not help you. As much as, it sounds banal, try to respect the place where is allowed to smoke, not all are smokers (someone is bothered by tobacco smoke) and it is, therefore, important that you follow this rule.

You should not be negative. It is not always everything how we want to be, and sometimes it seems that everything is going downhill but even in such situations you should not be negative and sink deeper. Try to look at the problem from a different angle or to request assistance from colleagues. Do not indulge in whining, it absolutely can only help in contributing to the negative atmosphere.



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