Control of communication in the service of online reputation

As the Internet is, at in user’s aspects, basic of communication media, all segments of creating and maintaining business reputation also apply to the online environment.
The business reputation of the company is what people think and say about the company, its products, and services, as well as just the behavior of employees in the public or mental picture of a company and its products and services in the public. Business reputation does not have to coincide with the image that can be strategically planned and implemented self-presentation of the company, based on the image the company wants to send to the public. The public, however, may have a completely different picture. Therefore, the communication has aims to translate the image of the reputation, to its own planned performance of the company itself and become public opinion.

Reputation and image of the company related to the end of its reputation (or: “What picture have people at the side?”), like watching what the company really is, and not how she would like to be perceived by others, or what the representative of public relations says. The essence of a good reputation is to be earned if the organization does not deserve a good reputation, something should be done. People will be judged according to their experience, and the company and its management are to be able to well-conceived image and win.


The essence of good public relations is in the process of building mutual understanding and trust with the entire organization of the public. Activities related to public relations can be described with words such as reputation, reliability, trust, harmony, achieving mutual understanding true and full information. These few simple concepts and keywords, and make up the core of public relations.

One of the biggest problems in maintaining the online reputation is the control over what people are talking about an individual, company or brand. There are a problem and the dilemma in terms of how to respond and whether to respond at all or just let people say what they have to say all the time falls into the ‘forgotten’ (in quotation marks because the Internet does not forget).
Sometimes the negative impact of the content or negative discussion can very quickly affect all parts of social networks and thereby significantly diminish the importance of all subsequent efforts to highlight what is positive.

Where to start?

When you want to create a homogeneous communication and achieve the goal it is important not to manipulate the content or people.
Ultimately the goal of business communications and online reputation is to create the positive and long-term results that you will not succeed if you are using untruths and manipulation.

What is the situation today?

Nowadays, an increasing number of those who go in the direction of direct sales and parallel to the primary activity they are trying to create some sort of online reputation which often leads to failure. For those, who find their way in this kind of approach, it works, while the majority on the other side and the success of minority should be viewed from a distance because it still controls communication, content creation, responding to inquiries, the conclusion of the sale and the measurement of success is not a job that anyone can do.

What is the reason most of the negative results?

The reason most of the negative results is the previously mentioned manipulation. This primarily it refers to the manipulation of others through the presentation of products or services in a way that the actual price, quantity, or something else not appears credible. This will directly affect the emotions of people involved in communication leading to a clear and unambiguous expression of anger, disappointment and all that follow a person on the path of justice and the expulsion of the expectations to know and gain the benefits of true and complete information.

What, after all, can be expected?

The answer is imposed by itself – the end of communication with the target group of people. Their willingness to participate at all in communication with someone who proved to be a manipulator will disappear gradually. All of this will be even more pronounced if you keep repeating the same thing, and trying to pull out and to make the sacrifice for ourselves. It is also possible to expect something opposite of lack of communication, and it is verbal violence. Because if both sides are uncompromising in expressing their own opinions communications will reach a point when it loses the real reason for the discussion and the matter goes to the level of the aforementioned verbal violence. Once you create this kind of atmosphere it will be almost or even completely impossible to control what, where and how it is written. Time spent in this type of online appearances was spent in vain and of course very harmful.

Is there a solution?

There is, provided you realized what errors are and decided to correct them, and achieves a way to create a group of participants that will enable constructive communication. Here it is important to start from yourself saying arguments and thus win over a certain part of the target group that will help you to break content into smaller groups and specific answer to each piece of content separately.
Instead of being manipulative be believable – the difference is small and important though it may seem otherwise.
If you are manipulating the people they feel fear, anger, and generally negative emotions, and react sharply, by all available means and channels, because they realize that you are not completely honest and willing to dialogue. If you are convincing you are still trying to communicate and bring it to a satisfactory level for you, but using the arguments and access of ‘give something to get something’ you create positive feelings among people and over time a positive approach must be paid.

Can these two different approaches be specifically explained?

Of course, they can, and it’s very easy to understand. If you use manipulation, which is already mentioned several times, you have no basis to create an emotional connection with the current or future user. Because of the reason that your approach is not intended for individual and striving to satisfy his needs at that point of time rather than focus down on yourself and trying to protect yourself without being sent targeted response.
On the other hand, if you are persuasive, use arguments and want to meet the need of users within the target group of people then it creates an emotional connection. It will in most cases be subconscious, but very visible in calming passions and achieving the satisfaction of both sides.

Which approaches to choose and how to observe the results?

Definitely, you have to choose the approach of persuasiveness, arguments, clear and unambiguous response and creating an emotional connection with, most notably, the target group of people. Results are measured in the long term and partially serve as an indirect online marketing campaign. Once when you start with this approach, you can sit back and watch as people spread the word about you, company or brand and all under your control.




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