How to get back to business routine after the holidays?

Sun, summer, beach, sea, hanging out with friends and family and relaxation away from the business obligations is the dream that most employees dream throughout the year. During those few days during which we try to forget about all the problems that await us upon return to work usually seem too short for a complete ‘recovery’ and charging the batteries.
But most people, upon returning from vacation confronted with melancholy, sadness and longing for the carefree days need a few weeks to re-return to the routine of work and compensation ‘lost’ time.

It is advisable to return to routine business in the slow rhythm. You cannot relax because you are thinking about what waits for you at work. You are aware that you have to say goodbye to the sun and sea, and be prepared to view the e-mails and the endless list of tasks. What you missed while you were on vacation will not be solved at once.
For many people, the transition from the holidays to the working world is often accompanied by a sense of anxiety. We do not say that you do not need to go on vacation, but we offer a few tips that you can as quickly and painlessly as possible back to work.

Plan in advance your return to work

A plan that is made good means half the work done. The most important thing is to plan ahead and draw up a list of tasks that you need to do before you travel, for example, specify the person who has to be contacted in case of emergency while you are away, and inform clients, employees, and colleagues how long you will be at work. Also, what will facilitate is the return from holiday day earlier. Although we all want as much as possible to take advantage of free days, it is better to plan a return on Saturday instead of Sunday evening if you start to work on Monday. The day between returning from vacation and going to work make to perform all private obligations before you return to your daily routine.

Focus on the positive things in company

We all have to work, and mostly try to make it successful and with a smile on your face. For example, thinking about co-workers and friends who you have not seen for some time will help you to get back to work. At the first meeting with business partners, ask them how they spent the break and when they returned. And various studies have shown that people who have a positive and optimistic attitude in life cope with stress at work.

Quality time

The worst thing you can do is go back to work without a plan, to sit in the workplace like you were absent and mechanically perform the tasks that you have to complete as soon as possible. Instead, use this time among colleagues get informed about what happened while you were on vacation, read e-mails and messages, and compose a plan that you can perform tasks in order and it would not happen if you add up the tasks for which you are not sure in which order should you do. Also, if you are able, the first two days don’t make meetings until you compile a list of priorities.

Do not make big decisions

After a holiday, people often want to change something in their lives. They will thus avoid the routine into which they had fallen before going on vacation. Well, if it’s possible, try to avoid making major decisions right after the break. Wait a week – two and when all the impressions from the rest settle down you can see the whole situation and think do you still want the same. If you are still behind the decision, set out in the implementation. Otherwise, we’ll write your impulsiveness to the summer and sun.

Delegate tasks among colleagues and employees

This step is important if you want to avoid a situation in which you are returning to work where you meet a bunch of papers and unfinished tasks. Although there are tasks of big importance that only you can do, there are less important tasks you can perform and which will facilitate your job. This will also help your employees to feel important and build their self-confidence because they will know that you have confidence in them.

Start with new projects

Holidays serves to ‘recharge the batteries’ and get started on new projects and tasks. Use your energy and gaiety and run down. The new project will not necessarily be linked to the job. It can also be a home remodeling or buying a new car.

Get the information from colleagues and employees

Rather than go to read every email and message that you received during the holidays, take the first 10 minutes of time to learn the important things that need your attention. In this way, you will not have to read a bunch of e-mails, but you know what the priorities are. Thus you can also check whether employees perform the tasks that you have entrusted to them before you leave. Of course, do not forget to praise them for their efforts.

Focus on priorities

We have already concluded that not all emails are important and that there are those in which you have to answer in a shorter period of time than the others. Sort your inbox based on the address and the sender by mark important messages, while others, such as advertising spam and deleted. This will save you valuable time. If you do not like the way that you delete unimportant emails and still believe that any email has to be read, start with the oldest and respond to those really important. In addition to e-mails, arrange assignments and priorities. Focus on the ones that have to be done first, and then perform the rest.
If you make a detailed plan and stick to that plan by the end of the week will do everything you need and enjoy the weekend.




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