How to prepare for business meeting?

Meetings in the company are one of the most common forms of exchange of information, collecting proposals and planning future actions. The skill of preparation and conduct of meetings is necessary in the business world.
Time passes, business commitments are increasingly demanding but you do not give up and want to achieve more successful business communication.
E-mail has made his own, as well as the telephone or cell phone, you realize the importance of non-verbal communication, web business is online, a letter arrived at its destination – it means that you are ready for a business meeting.

Studies show that employees spend more than 50% of their work time in meetings so we can conclude what is its importance. The most basic thing is to be at the meeting on time and it’s clear that without that there is no a positive start, because if someone has to wait and lose the will, patience and attention it will not help with all the prepared content. The start time of the meeting you have to know earlier also as the time of ending so that all participants can plan their time well. Introduce yourself, and then you can start with everything else.

Except of a business meeting, according to the Statistical Office Methodology of the European Union (Eurostat), business meetings are divided into: congress (forum, course of lectures, seminar, symposium), a public conference, a conference of government, public meeting, convention, incentive (incentive) travel, team building, other (candidate testing, promoting campaigns, religious congresses…).

Preparation of techniques and content

Before the meeting begins, it is important to prepare everything well. Preparation of materials and provision of technical conditions are two basic things in the organization of the meeting. It is essential that the agenda is delivered to all planned participants on time if it’s possible with the opening statement and analyzes but in summary form. If the introductory material is not provided with the call, it is necessary when the meeting start, prepare a short and clear presentation from which would be the understandable goal of the meeting.

In addition to the introductory part, the rest of the presentation should be well designed, and include an analysis of a particular problem, with the presentation of accurate and complete data as well as tasks, measures and decisions that should be made. If you already organize a business meeting then it is obvious that you know which is its goal, about which problems must be discussed and what the decisions are taken in the inevitable allocation of work or the routing of certain tasks to the individual in addition to providing information about the period in which the task must be finished.

If you want that all above be satisfied it is necessary to determine the time and provide a place for a business meeting. You have to prepare the necessary copies of materials, technical equipment (laptop computer, projector…), documents from previous meetings and possibly refreshment drinks.

The course of the meeting

Everything is ready and secure, but it is not time for the theme of the meeting before it is determined who is present (as wouldn’t have happened if the meeting goes as you planned and when you recall the responsible person, he/she doesn’t show up) before it happens again the agenda (in the event that someone did not receive or read carefully) and repeat the conclusion of the last meeting (in order to know where to start).
Only then it moves to the discussion points which order is previously defined and whose theme you need to keep, draw conclusions, the appointment of an executor, and setting deadlines for each point, and generally for the entire meeting.
Lecture/presentation – the moment when you need technical equipment, such as portable computers and projectors and presentation content. If you determine that the audience is bored, go on with the presentation of content, and be sure to take some time for questions which should not be missed.
Video Conferencing – achieved via a video link will allow participation to those who cannot physically attend the meeting. However, for that is needed better technical preparation with quality network access, cameras, microphones and more computers.


Experts recommend that the meeting does not take more than one and a half hours because the average man after that period is difficult to be concentrated on a particular job; it is more likely that errors occur, and also is the greater the possibility of conflict. The meeting, first of all, should be planned so that the organizations could avoid fatigue and boredom. If the meeting is delayed, the break should be planned.

When the meeting starts, the most important role is played by the person who leads the meeting. In addition to taking account of the entire duration of the meeting, he should keep an eye on the length of certain discussions. Discussants must be aware that the duration of the lectures should be inversely proportional to the number of participants. The general rule, which experts say is that after 60 minutes of discussion it becomes ineffective, after 90 uninteresting, and after 120 useless, often with bad and harmful conclusions. If it is already necessary that meeting is a long, the organizations after 90 minutes should classifieds break, and after two hours, for sure, complete or interrupt the meeting. The person who leads discussion is, of course, supposed to be fully aware of the issues being discussed, as well as to lead the discussion in the direction of achieving the goal of the meeting. He would also need to take care of the maintenance of attention of participants, to stimulate debate and maintain an atmosphere of cooperation and teamwork, without entering into polemics and taking into account the opinions of the participants.

The discussion should be directed to the problem and the solution, not on personality and mistakes, or the offenders because practice shows that, when the participants were directed solely to attack or defense, then there is no common work, neither the teamwork seeking the best solutions. Such an atmosphere can be transferred also out of the meeting, which may worsen the relations and cooperation at the workplace.

Participants of the meeting are quality focused and prepared, so participation in the discussion is constructive, clear, concise, without unnecessary repetition of details from previous discussions. Discussion of participants is a highly beneficial thing because it is used to meet the environment with attitudes of individuals. The speaker at the meeting shows his culture, eloquence, logic, reasoning, insight, confidence, ability to work together and so on. Such observations, managers can use for subsequent segregation of duties, and for assessing the ability of individuals and their progression. Participants should be active, especially if you estimate that yields the wrong conclusion, because, otherwise, responsible by themselves for its adoption.

End of the meeting

It should be pre-set time, but because of the possible need for a meeting can be extended with the prior consent of all participants. Once again it is important to repeat who and what obligations must be carried out and agree on the determination of the period end. Send a copy of the minutes to all persons whose presence were needed, but did not respond, so they can stay up to date with information.




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