The most common errors in business communication in social networks

Nowadays, every reaction, every thought or attitude of individual very easily finds the path to the network of all networks, wherein the most cases remain. All this affects your business or personal life in a negative or positive way.
On every opinion, attitude or reaction you can react in two ways. The first is to maintain control and follow the rules of business communication and the other way is to take everything personally, but you can lose control and end under an avalanche of negative and often vulgar sentences.

You must learn to listen because it all starts here. It’s always been like that and will always be. Of course, this does not mean that you have to write a ‘thank you’ when someone apparently destroys your reputation because of the poor information, a personal disagreement in opinions and attitudes or maybe the type of person who constantly complains and is never satisfied.

When you run a blog, then you can afford a little more casual appearance while in business communication, it is still necessary to keep the formal rules.
In any case, there is no need to expose the inconvenience and offer the other cheek to someone who already slapped you once.

How do you respond to such content? – First, you need and you have to listen. This section will best be understood by people who are professionally engaged in direct selling. For example, when an angry client calls you to take out his frustration only thing you can do is to listen to him. There are all kinds of outbursts of anger, frustration, but as long as it does not exceed on the personal, aggressive or threatening side it is tolerable. At the moment when the client says all he wanted, it is on you to offer him a solution or to solve the problem together. From dissatisfy to satisfy customer usually is just a few sentences. It’s your choice how you will react. At the moment of the client’s unrest, you must be the voice of reason however that may be difficult because it is easier to go to the personal level and face with frustrations.

Here are some steps that you should not be doing. It is important to know how to deal with negative comments on social networks.

Lack of strategy

On the one hand, we have online communities and community work in the real world, they are united around the same points of interest and gathered around common goals. On the other hand, there are customers whose different needs, such as increasing number of likes, on the website, a number of a follower, the more visits on a website, increase sales, etc., a community manager must satisfy.
Therefore, creating additional value for customers requires a deep understanding of the client’s business objectives, but also the understanding of targeted online communities in order to establish strategies on the social network. If the strategy does not exist, it is impossible to achieve our goals.

Ignore all!

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes you can make. The criticism, especially if it is positive, gives you what any study cannot – direct, unambiguous and clearly expresses the needs, wishes and requirements of clients. There is no statistical error. When criticism is not positive, or maybe even justified no need to hire too much, but you definitely need to write your own side of the story (objective, informative, new, clear, practical).

Reply to absolutely any criticism!

This is another mistake that you can make and very easy to come up with it. In an effort to give everyone to know how you saw the comment and accept criticism may be that direct attention only to that part of the communication. Every answer does not require a criticism, analysis or specific engagement. Do not allow to yourself that responding to criticism is the only form of communication with clients.

Always, everywhere and constantly threatening!

If you see content that is not well founded, in which it is presented untruths, content that cannot show the actual state of things there is no need to bother too much time, especially threatening to the person who posted it. Comments and criticisms are rarely strictly personal nature, so they are both needed and understood. Reason above emotions, in this case, will help you a lot.

Focusing on the negative!

Most people when they start to respond to comments directed their attention to the negative ones. When the attention on the negative side of communication turn on the positive, it remains empty and leaves space for more content that you do not want to. Keep the balance and do not let the negative outweighs the positive. Try to be constructive.

Comprehend of it personally!

It is clear that when you are faced with a large amount of negative comments it is difficult to keep common sense and do not comprehend all personally, but if you want quality work in the online reputation you need to stay away from emotions and accept the fact. There is a possibility that you are overly sensitive – then simply leave the job to someone who knows what he’s doing and can objectively look.

Forget the respect and trust that you are getting from a customer!

This is a direct result of excessive occupation with negative comments. Occasionally you forget to answer or more reduce communication with those who are the engine of your business. You cannot operate with confidence and respect for the client as it is the case with online reputation. Therefore, you need to regularly pay attention to all those customers who encouraged your business. Again go back to direct sales and remember sometimes the sentence ‘Do not sell ad and then forget about the old customers.’

What we must be clear that you will for sure make mistakes, despite the power of the preparation that you take to avoid them. Perfectionism can be used as a term, but not to keep it as the only correct way because then nothing will seem enough for you.




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