What is a guarantee of good online reputation?

It is time to deal with the making of content, and if you want to be able to create the same, you need to have a good basic in the form of websites over which you have control (primary – the publication, editing and deleting content). It has always been and will always be negative content that you will not be able to remove as much as you would like so you need to turn on to the things you can do and to give to the people what they love most – lots of new and quality content. If you have not encountered with negative content associated with your name that means you are in the best position to prepare for it. The question is not whether someone tries to compromise your online reputation than when he will do it!

When I am talking to people on this subject, I hear comments like ‘Oh, I will not do these pages and profiles. I do not like anyone read what I write, and I’m not going to brag, ‘forgetting that at the same time he allows to someone else to create the picture of him. If you are thinking in that way, it would be a good idea to stop now. The following options offer you the opportunity to present facts and your own opinion just as you do in real life when someone recounting a resume or comment on today’s news. You decide what and where you say or publish that.

1) Personal websites

Personal websites are the basics on which and around which you build everything else. It offers you an opportunity to provide all necessary information to hundreds of potential employers, business partners or clients. Otherwise, you will have to invest time and again additional time and effort to present the same content.
On your personal website, you should do everything they want. Do not let social networks hamper you with its rules. On the contrary, make them work in the service of your personal web pages, connect them to each other. Customize your website to yourself.
You are available global, all over the world at any time. In this way, the job will find you. For example, while you sleep your prospective employer, who at that moment you do not know yet, viewing your resume, education level, additional certifications, work experience, and possibly conclude that he really needs you. Then he decides to send you e-mail in the morning when you wake up in front of you is a new business opportunity. Also, while you previously had to wait for morning to submit a resume and a letter from a prospective employer now possess personal website all these data become publicly available at any time of day or night so that the visitor can save the time and you and himself in the way to collect in one place all the necessary information.
All content that you place on your personal web page can be presented in many ways indefinitely. Depending on what kind of perception about yourself you want to create to your visitors. You format the content in the way you want and in the way that suits you. This is also one way of giving insight into a part of your own character and way of thinking. Be creative. You can do anything you can imagine. There is no better way to make a first impression. Present content so that the visitor wants to return.
When a visitor creates a complete picture of you from your website, there is a possibility that they will want to connect via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Be open to new acquaintances and new collaborations. Expand the network of contacts and listen to feedback. This is the highest value you can get.

My Blog (1).jpg

2) Blog

Start a blog, actively create content and enjoy the search of results of your name in the way that you’ve never had the opportunity. WordPress.com and Blogger.com are the combinations that certainly gives results. Post a few blog posts and do a spell check. In a few days, you will be a witness of a new image of the first page with the results of searching when it comes to your name. You should not hold on only one subject about which you write because with that you are limited at the beginning. Unleash your creative potential and write about everything that interests you, what makes you happy and eager to do the same with others.

3) Services for the exchange of audio, photo and video content

YouTube, SoundCloud, and Flickr are currently the best choices. It is the perfect complement to the basic type of content such as text. It is important to have an account on the service of its kind and to be ready for publishing content on them if and when the need arises. The tone and tone of voice, gestures, body language, finishing the video soundtrack, and others will tell you about a lot more than you can imagine. Unleash your own creativity. Except placing your own audio, photo, and video content you can create several (play) list, which will offer visitors interesting content on specific topics in a simple way.

4) Social Networks

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn can do a lot for you. These are social networks that will offer you, with space for placing quality content, a multitude of people with whom you can connect and socialize. It is important to note that you should use your real name rather than a pseudonym because it will not be useful. Each of the above-mentioned social networks offering specific privacy settings that you definitely need to study in detail that you don’t bring yourself in an awkward position.

There are many other possibilities, this is just a beginning and the direction that should be followed. The above five options offer you excellent basic for all your online activities. Take the best from each.



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