Career in later years

In the recent time, we hear about employers who do not want to employ young people who don’t have work experience and people older than 50 years. The problem of such discrimination is that in some cases the employers have space for arguments, especially when it comes to older populations. If you have in front of you older workers, it does not necessarily mean that it will automatically set the problem of energy shortage and health problems, which is in the mind of the employer almost always meant. Though, it can be.
If you belong to this generation of people that are looking for or replacing the job, whether you decide to stay in the field whom you are loyal and age in which you are working or want to change the course of your career, you should be aware that things changed. The change of career during the late years requires taking risks and redefining success, but also changes us. You must be willing to accept a different view of the future and to understand that the job of your life will not be the same as the one you are used to. No matter how much you’ve had a brilliant career, late years have brought primacy in adapting and finding what suits also the others and not just yourself.

Enthusiasm is proportional with years

A large number of people who for some reason have lost a job in later years (or are entitled to retirement), want to continue working. Employers who seek or receive applications from applicants aged 50 and over, should know that they can have a sense of enthusiasm and loyalty as their younger colleagues, and they can feel a strong connection with the companies in which they work and that, in general, perhaps, even more, enjoy interacting with colleagues and clients. However, there is a small number of those who after the termination of employment at one workplace (within the company), find a job, to continue their career. The largest number of people in that age holds a job that they had, and so going to the end of their working relationship.

Another significant feature of the “older” people is that they would often gratefully accept part-time jobs or something similar, not just because of the financial situation, but also for the pleasure the obligations of going to work provides. People who have reluctantly ended their careers but would still like to work, their place can find at various places where their age and experience can be of crucial importance (learning and teaching others ….).

Ability to change

If you have more possibility to work in your profession, try to inquire and find a job in some other sectors. A large number of people who are retired but still want to work, finding a job by their longtime hobby turning into a job or they are working consultant’s jobs. No matter what job you do, if you feel that you are qualified and that it is within your capacity, you should follow advertise of different working positions and persevere in its decision because it is the only possible way to achieve success.

Job Application

However, when you are looking for a job, the first place where changes should be is the application for the job. You always write CVs and cover letters in the same way, which do not change your form after several decades? In this case, you should think and how that could sound the fact that a “quarter-century” ago you worked for some company. Updating information in the biography you may not have done more thoroughly or you have only written last few assignments?
We should be a little more tactful. In writing CV’s be weighed, there is no need to write everything that happened in your work life, most things already changed so much that it makes no difference whether and how it was done before “25 years”. In the cover letter, your years of service you can use as proof of skill in the business for which you signed up. The issue of health may not be avoided because of your security but it is also not necessary to write to the details.

Another wrong approach is to “adjust too much,” and while it turns out that you have everything that the employer wants (which is never the case). In this presentation, you know everything and want everything -just to get the job. But you do not even know all, as nobody does, not even you are able to work all – though some situations should be left to younger people. But you can find a golden middle and introduce yourself as what you eat. You need to highlight the advantage of experience and the possibility of making some decisions that require excellent knowledge of the matter. Also, your free time is diametrically different from leisure time man of 30 years, which may give you an advantage in the sense that you are in some situations more accessible.

Emphasize accomplishments, rather than years of experience. Although the years are a condition to gain experience, they do not guarantee that this will necessarily happen, maybe you worked or not for all the time, especially promoted in business, you have acquired above-average knowledge and good work habits. Accordingly, the highlight how much you know not how long you worked. But this should not be overstated that would not happen to be prequalified. Everything that is not directly related to the job you need to do and what you think it might put you into this category, try a little to alleviate. The aim is to give away the impression of someone who is capable but not someone who could do everything at any cost.

Stay in step with the times. Where you most could jeopardize your application and therefore a potential career is the possibility that your knowledge stayed in the time in which you were working. Business is changing, the market is changing, your colleagues and bosses are changing, and technology is constantly advancing. In this sense, it is absolutely necessary to be in step with the time and knowledge that is now required. And to adopt new ways of working and thinking at work. Although it seems a very challenging task, try while looking for a job to take various courses and training. This kind of training can suit you because in this way you stay in step with younger colleagues and at the same time enjoy the obligation and the learning. It is never too late for that and you should not be embarrassed if you find yourself on training with a lot of younger colleagues from yourself. It should be subject to respect when people who already have years and years of experience, decided to continue to work on themselves and grow. In this way, you will be an example to younger generations how to do it and spread the positive philosophy of development through life.

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