How to become a leader in the business?

To become a leader on the job is not an easy task and it is a big challenge. You want to become a leader among co-workers but do not yet have that title. What do you do to distinguish yourself in relation to other colleagues?

Players who are programming yourself to win, finding solutions, in the most difficult circumstances are potential leaders! Some praise them, some disputing their quality, but all have in common that they in some ways admire these people. Many speak about leadership but just a few people look at the substance. Leadership is what most of us wanted to be but just a few people practice and reach. And what is your leadership potential?

If you want to be a bigger player, you simply have to be a greater leader. The leader is always in front of everyone, and above all shows with his example the team in which direction of the game takes.
The leader must be able to direct the minds of individuals and develop the team, must have a lot of self-confidence, perseverance, and patience. The leading power stems from his organizational skills; it is formed and increases in the use. For a real leader, there isn’t a task that is impossible to do. A true leader possesses the practical, applied knowledge. Knowledge has the power only in the measure that organizes, classifies and application. Therefore, some of the most qualified people in a given area have less general knowledge from someone who is considered to be uneducated in the right measure.


Another characteristic of a true leader is his ability to develop the ability to influence the others, to equal his own goals to the goals of the leaders, team or organization within which it operates. Actually leading represents influencing. There’s one proverb that says: “He who thinks to lead and no one who follows it, really just went for a walk.” The purpose of leadership is expressed through the ability of the leader to find new followers for his ideas and his goals.

A good team leader must inspire cooperation among the players, to resolve conflicts and misunderstandings, to properly compose the diversity of his players that evokes what is best for themselves. He has an extremely developed sense of justice; otherwise, he would not be in the long run accepted by his team. A real leader must have the habit of doing more than he is paid for and much more than other individuals in the team.
The next important feature of a true leader is to develop his character as well as his skills because one without the other is unacceptable. Only the player who learns to control himself is predisposed to become a true leader because you cannot manage others if you are not able to properly do the same with yourself. If the character of the leader is at a low level, then his human qualities and his genuine are low too also as the results of the work.
Real team leader shares his successes with a team and a merit for the poor results are also a responsibility. The best teams are not the ones who have the best players, but those who have the best leader. In order to achieve high-quality results, leaders must have patience for the team and sacrifice their individuality for the greater good of the team. The leader should do absolutely everything in his power to make the team members to see things better than they realistically assess by themselves and work much better than the perception of their own capabilities.

A great leader has big dreams. He is a true visionary and thinks in the long run. Most of his dreams are not limited to current problems. The leader is the strongest when it is most difficult. For him, the problems are a real challenge, and his strengthens is bigger from his struggles. He is reliable and ethical even when others do not act. The leader has the degree of self-esteem because it is the best way to ensure respect for the other. His self-esteem has not to be mixed with egoism because the egoist doesn’t respect you because of the most superficial reasons, a leader of the self-esteem is based on the basis of their properties and characteristics that persistently develops.
When the words and deeds of the leader show that he knows where he’s going, the others tend to stay off the road. He never allows to himself not to do a task as best as he can, laziness is a trait that he absolutely does not have. He is always sensitive to the situation and problems of his teammates.
The leader has a pleasant personality. Slob without a refined style can never become a successful leader. Being a leader means to be a respected and the team will never obey their leader if, among other virtues, he doesn’t possess precision, commitment if he doesn’t have his own style.

A great leader is a great fighter. He always finds enough strength and power to overcome his fear of defeat and led the team to the desired goal. In any trouble seek to find the seed of the final triumph.

A true leader should not show certain weaknesses in terms of the fear that some of the other teammates could take his place, otherwise, he can be sure that this will happen sooner or later. His task is precise to guide and meet his deputies with all the details of his work and only by his knowledge and power he can be present in several places at once. Remember that the best way to lead the team as leaders is to gain greater reward for their ability if they identify others who do a good job than you would ever get by a personal work and personal effort.

A successful leader of the team leads by encouraging implantation and winning mentality rather than inculcating fear in his teammates. He who tries to lead a team through the fear always is replaced at the end. For a player, who possesses leadership skills and abilities, wins are not necessary to earn the respect of his teammates.
A true leader has a distinctive behavior; he always persists and everywhere despite the obstacles and defeats. He has the ability to do the task completely, formulate and implement it. A true leader is a true representative and defender of his team.

Finally, it should be noted that a leader must have a great ability to adapt to the new situation, the process of change that is constantly going on, and at the same time does not show any signs of anxiety, fear, and helplessness. A true leader inspires success always and everywhere. His main motto is reflected in the words of Leonardo da Vinci, who says: “I do not want to watch miracles, I want to create miracles.”
If you want to play the ultimate business game, pull the right move, because being a great player means above all to be a great leader!

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