Job interview via Skype

Skype is a handy tool for people who want to stay in touch with their friends and family, although they are often separated by kilometers. Now, many companies have recognized the advantages of this interesting messaging program and are no longer uncommon to have a job interview just over Skype.

It is a much more personal way than, for example, phone conversation, on the other hand, it offers the possibility of interviewing people regardless of where they live and avoiding tiresome journey. Just as with conventional job interview, there are things that need to be taken into account.

First of all, it is important to train such communication to be sure in your personal presentation. Start with friends and other close ones. Ask them to tell you their impressions, what was wrong and then working to fix those things. It is not enough to know that your equipment is working properly, to adjust lights, remove the background that might distract attention and put yourself in the center.

In addition to the live practice of interview, more large companies also use questionnaires where you are required to, as a candidate for a specific job, record your answers on the camera. Employers like this feature because it saves their time and gets a complete picture of the candidate. In addition, the recordings can see what they want from you, which means that the selection process interferes with other activities.

Conversations over Skype or recording often happens after finishing the first selection when the employer had already made a list of candidates who have been shortlisted. Video interview can be crucial for employment so the advice on the job interviews via Skype is making your own strategy that will include several steps:

1. Be aware of how looks like your background

If the wall of your room is covered with posters, painted colorful or any hello kitty details, we suggest you to change the room. You should avoid sitting on a couch or bed, as well as books explicit titles could be found in your background. No matter what you have at home, it is necessary to leave a professional impression.

2. Dress appropriately

No matter whether you have the unconventional methods of conducting a job interview, it does not mean you can stay in your pajamas. As you can see the other person, it is best to wear what we usually dress for the job interviews. A simple T-shirt and jacket are always a good choice. Do not try to be funny, to wear appropriate only one part of the body that can be seen, and down to stay in your pajamas. You never know how the situation may evolve, so make sure that you’re a sense of humor does not leave a bad impression.

3. Pay attention of lights

Your Skype interview is like your movie – you’re a producer and a star. Therefore, you need to think of every detail including lighting. If the place where you sit is in front of the windows or other light sources, your face can be a dark silhouette on the screen. The light overhead or fluorescent lights are also not the best choices. The best lighting is natural sunlight, but do not worry if the interview is on a rainy or cloudy day! The solution for this is that the light source is in the front, then find a place at the test chatting with a friend where you will have the opportunity to check how you look.

4. Be prepared in the case of technical difficulties

Although the technology is more advanced every day, we often fail. Skype is full of technical difficulties, especially if the connection is bad. Make sure you have a network cable if your connection on the WiFi fails or the laptop’s power supply become low so it accidentally “dies” during an interview. Make sure that on the interview any other site or program is not opened that you would not be distracted or led to the awkward situations.

5. Test, test, 1, 2, 3

Exercise may sound funny, but you will certainly learn how far you sit from the camera. Your non-verbal communication discovers more than answering questions. Find the most comfortable posture for the arms and an ideal distance from the camera.

It’s not very pleasant when you are in someone’s face, nor you are lean forward as you are at the bar, but the focus is on the wrong parts of the body. Find a position in what you will look naturally and relaxed.

6. Skype is like the other social networks

You have to keep this definitely in mind when you are preparing for an interview. The can read all the information about you that is available to the public employer by clicking on your name. So, if you still have some bad nick, it’s time to think about a change. Pay attention to your photo, make sure you’re dressed well and competent for the interview.

7. Act like every other interview

Ultimately, each interview comes to the same – you want to make a good impression on a potential employer. Inform yourself about the employer and company before the interview so you could have basic information about jobs and tasks there. Body language is so important, therefore, sit up straight, do not be fidget and do not watch your image rather than look straight at the camera. Finally, do not forget to smile because a smile still leaves the best impression.

8. And finally … End

And at the end, it is very important how you finish the interview. Avoid clowning. It is clear that you will feel relaxed once when the interview came to an end.

Do not let the positive signs you noticed by the employer or the hint of employment opportunities and encourage the excessive chuckle, talking and shaking hands. The damage would be that all the good you’ve done until then ruin in ten seconds.




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